[ PMO -FREE 2019 CHALLENGE ] - three hundred and sixty five days without PMO in 2019

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  1. Day 33.
    Dealing with the most difficult days. But one thing is for sure, I'm not going to be the 56th person who leaves this challenge. It's too soon to give up.
  2. 30 days completed!

    8.3% of the challenge completed!
  3. nudae

    nudae Fapstronaut

    Anyone else feel REALLY good when they check in?
  4. Jonny123

    Jonny123 Fapstronaut

    Check in day 30/365
    Feeling more in equilibrium today
  5. while watching series yesterday I was accidentally exposed to some sexual graphics & nudity however on the bright side I don't feel any sensation or erection but at the same instant on the dark side, it is still 0% improvement in my PIED...dont know whether I should happy that I control fapping while completing the series or be sad about my so-called PIED...journey to be continued...day 23/31st December 2019...
  6. nudae

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    For whatever it's worth- I think you should be happy that you controlled fapping and had a "normal", non-consuming, non-obsessive reaction to "everyday nudity". The fact that you didn't go beat off or that it didn't plant a seed in your brain or anything like that, is a win. In my experience, the PIED (which I've also had) will even itself out after your brain/body gets used to the lack of constant stimuli. Applaud yourself brother, your doing great.
  7. Day 31, checking in, let's kick some pmo ass, stay strong ! :):):)
  8. Randox

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  9. SomeRandomNatty

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    definitively. Check in :)
  10. check in - 31/365
    last day of the toughest month ,dont give in , its a big psychological day to keep your confidence alive
  11. Nekkhamma

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    30 days down :) keep going, don’t give up
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  12. 50 day in total, yesss! 31 days no PMO in 2019 + 383 days no sex so far (I said no to hookups). Hmmm it seems if I make it until the end of this year I'll be like 384 days no PMO and like...717 days no sex, wow that is really next level :D
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  13. henry3526

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  14. Nagual

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    Check in day 31. In about 3 hours German time I will complete my first PMO free month of my life since discovering PMO. Im really proud of myself, and all of you should be too, even though maybe some of you had already in the past longer streaks than 31 days, 31 days are still amazing. We were once all addictet fapping multiple times a day and now we are all here finishing January 2019 without PMO. We are doing something great here fellow fapstronauts!

    BTW I break every day my personal record and since doing this streak my life improved really well. I realized that Im now more sexual, but in a very positive way. I get easier aroused, women look more beautiful and I even got a crush on someone! However, Im not haunted anymore by my sexuality. I get a boner? I feel like wanting to have sex right now? I have sexual phantasie ideas? ... Ok, I let these things come and go without giving in. I feel like Im the master of my own sexuality. I feel like I HAVE a sexuality rather than BEING a sexual being, big difference, I hope you understand what I am intending to say.

    Keep fighting guys!
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  15. Jonny123

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    Keep strong @SomeRandomNatty . Part of the battle is in being aware of your weaknesses. You will pull though - one day at a time. Just imagine you at 60 days!
  16. Jonny123

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    Absolutely @Nagual! You have the right attitude. You are a young guy and so many benefits to get from this in your life ahead. You are right - own your sexuality. Do not be afraid of it. Be confident knowing that you are now pure.
  17. Jonny123

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    Day 31 check in - One month Yay!
    I was going to say only 11 to go - but that is not right - We want to change ourselves for life! We no longer wish to be slaves.
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