[ PMO -FREE 2019 CHALLENGE ] - three hundred and sixty five days without PMO in 2019

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  1. Don’t know if I checked in or not today...so check in Thursday. :)
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    Checking in , day 39, stay strong my friends ! :)
  5. check in guys!! We must fight this addiction , we will beat it ! We deserve this !
  6. Even though I have completely quit porn & masturbation however being absorbed in PMO for last 10-12 years still multiple times in a day sexual thoughts comes in mind...urges are under control so now putting my efforts to keep myself busy in other activity to avoid such thoughts...finally one more day successfully over now...day 31/31st December 2019
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    Checking in day 39. I see that January took a lot of casualties (as expected). I expect to see NO more dropouts for the remainder of the year. We, the final 50 can completely transform our lives over the next few months, and by christmas we'll all feel like superheroes. For me, the positive changes have already begun...
  8. first month proved to be the toughest , it must be taken on will power , after that is a bit easier, but still underwater rocks can crush your ship if not careful
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    I agree, for the first month you just have to press on. I had massive urges to watch porn just from the 'fear of missing out on new content' alone. Once that subsided it got a lot easier. I don't find myself as impacted by the hot women I see in tv shows like I used to be, and instead I find real women much more appealing. Getting and keeping an erection from seeing my wife naked or from when she touches me is no problem anymore, and this in turn helps my confidence.
  10. Daily check in. On day 40!
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    38 days done, keep on keepin’ on, one day, one resisted urge at a time, brothers :)
  12. Check in...keep pushing ahead...the end of the challenge gets closer each day :)
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  14. pain can never be skipped its the suffering that comes with choice whether we want to suffer or not...now after so much suffering look like i'm only get used to this pain & the painful part of my life...day 32/31st December 2019
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    Check in Day 40/365
    So much more time to avail of the opportunities for true joy and fulfillment if you leave PMO behind!
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    Hi everyone, lots of stuff has happened so let's get right into it,

    First thing's first, the most important, was accountability. Not from NoFap (even though you and this website are amazing), not even weird websites but from the best accountability there is: people that know you by heart and want nothing more than to protect you.

    Your parents... And yeah, I kid you not, it was very awkward, complicated, not easy, complex, long but at the end of the day I have never felt better for just that one decision.
    It was just... the RIGHT thing to do, the only one I could.
    It had just been 90 days, and there were the only people I wanted to share it with (beware of those horrible, disgusting, weak, lazy, unmotivated people that spend their lives on porn, coz' they're not all gonna agree with you and they might make you feel secluded (stay with us man, you have never been closer to women, society and yourself, and one day, I hope I live in a world where they're the minority); I mean, why would they admit all of their aforementioned characteristics ?). And now with you.
    But why ? It's weird right ? Yes ! It's really hard and it has to be at the exact right time, right ?

    But to THAT, absolutely NOT !! You have been working your ass off every single day being an absolutely amazing nearly-complete person for 3 months, you don't have a second to waste, you're not falling off the track, you're buying a one-way ticket to freedom !
    So it took a few hours, but it was really easy once it started, I just spilled the guts on the three years of my life that had fallen under the enterprise of temptation, negative thoughts, weakness, bad health, bad sleep, and overall sadness (though I was happy at times).
    They were shocked, I mean how do you react, when the great boy you brought to life, admits that he's been living a lie and has had a disastrous addiction (worse than cocaine or nicotine) for the last three years.
    But after breaking the ice, the iceberg rises up and anytime you feel like going under, you have an anchor that's waiting right there for you ready to catch you if you're tempted, and help you back up after relapse (however that will never happen, because you've confessed a big chunk of your life, and you're gonna feel a whole lot better and whole, no more weird personality, no more hidden lies, no more wasting).

    So that was great, but now even after having 115 days under my belt, I still managed to get anxious (even though now it happens really rarely and I'm much calmer and I think things through even when I'm stressing out a lot) because of a conversation with a friend (he still PMOs (I can see that he doesn't feel in touch with himself and comfortable in his body but I hope one day he will) and he was convinced retention of semen was negative and It HAD to be expulsed) mixed with some weird sensations of pain? close to the belly button and a bit lower.
    So I was then convinced I had to have a wet dream (only way to get It out while maintaining my 'chastity'), thus I read a few erotic stories, but hopefully (and this is where the first part comes in) my mother arrived and saw that I was probably tempted so she helped me get back in the right mind space and that was the end of it.
    2 days later, today, I was tempted again, (I told my parents), but while reading some inspirations stories of NoFap completionists (30-90 day challenge) and cool stuff on https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/ybo...e-porn-debate/the-other-porn-experiment-2012/, I still went on quora to read erotica but it was so boring and kinda immoral so I was actually turned off by porn (the first time THAT happened), and I feel as though a new page has turned, and the chapter of 'Porn is boring, Life is awesome' is fully commenced and not done yet.

    A few questions though:
    1) Does porn stories count as P in PMO ? (just to know, I'm not tuned on by those anymore, WHOOOOO)
    2) Has anyone else told relatives (I think it's like a step in AA and for me it has been devastatingly helpful to keep my balance) ?
    3) Does anyone know what are the health benefits/ disadvantages of retaining semen ?

    Once again, NoFap, thanks for being a medium, platform, friend, and helping hand,
    May all of you get to so many days that you don't even bother to count them anymore (do keep the approximate number in the back of your mind, it will help you evaluate exactly how much of your life you would potentially be throwing in the flames if you got knocked back down by the hellhole that is PMO),

    And everyone have a fucking wondrous day !!
    Stay alive and begin your true, one, natural life !

    Till we meet again,

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