[ PMO -FREE 2019 CHALLENGE ] - three hundred and sixty five days without PMO in 2019

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by control your life, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Inspark

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    I'm amazed! We started this together at the beginning of the year. You guys made it to 51 days and I just relapsed twice this week. please what can I do to avoid relapses
  2. the new year resolution is a big help , its a tidal wave and it helps tremendously ! Maybe is good idea to put on your wall over your bed why nofap to remind you the reason behind and to work on your concious! Also try prayers if you are believer and include not to be tempted !
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    Checking for the day fellas, day 51. I've never made it this far on a nofap journey before, it's a great feeling
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    Check in. I got home late last night 13 hour drive from the funeral. I really can't believe I have made it 50 days. To be honest i'm trying not to really count them just work on self improvement and being the best I can be day to day.
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    My Journal
    Day 51, checking in :) Stay positive, stay strong ! :)
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  7. Daily check in. On day 52.
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  9. Vladed

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    Hay que cumplir lo que decimos, lograrlo es mi meta!
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  11. check in guys 52/365
    another day without pmo is the way to go !
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  12. nudae

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    Somethings I do that either help me control the urges or keep me in a well-grounded place:

    Less and less TV
    Less and less Social Media (except for work)
    Reading more
    Literally screaming "Focus!" or "Stop!" or whatever when my brain starts wandering to sexual fantasies. Because for me sexual fantasies are the "just one beer won't hurt" to a three-week bender
    Drinking less
    Drinking less caffeine
    Exercise (specifically going to the gym, because I'm out of my apartment)
    Planning out my day ahead of time
    Writing my goals, but not focusing on them too much. Writing them and then letting them go.
    Being financially responsible (balancing my checkbooks, making a monthly budget, adhering to that budget)
    Eating right
    Spending time with people I love
    Reaching out to someone I haven't talked to in a while
    Challenging myself to do things outside of my comfort zone (like talking to people on the elevator or cooking a new recipe even though I'm not a great cook)
    Working on a business

    Just think: "What would I rather be doing instead of feeding this monkey on my back?" Then take small steps to actually doing those things.
    For me, one of the reasons PMO was so alluring was because I didn't like certain aspects of my life. Now I just try to fix those aspects of my life (within reason, and reminding myself to be patient with myself because the frustration of trying things, them not working out or not working fast enough can lead me back to PMO).

    I hope this helps. Above all you just gotta find what works for you. It might be a variety of things. I failed for a years before I got to where I am today, so don't beat yourself up. It's worth a 2nd chance or a 3rd or 1489th. If you keep trying, eventually you'll get it.
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    I was at a networking event a couple of days ago. And this woman was asking me to look up an upcoming event on my phone on Instagram. But the wi-fi was one of those where you have to log in through a website first, then it'll let you access it from your settings. So she's looking over my shoulder while I'm opening my browser, and for a split second I freaked out like "What if I left a tab open???" And then I remembered, I didn't leave any tabs open because I don't do that anymore. I don't have anything to hide.

    I don't have anything to hide.
  14. Beamer

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    My Journal
    Day 52, checking in :) Keep moving forward, together we're stronger ! :)
  15. Randox

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  16. wow ,great tips man ! i like everything ! This post should go on success stories for sure !! Thanks again and well done Sir !
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  17. it happend to me before ,embarrassing as hell , thank God i managed to close everything intime ,but embarrassment stayed with me !Its great now this problem is solved
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  18. That is really good to those that are still in the race making it to 52 days. Me I dropped out last month as I fapped, but I made a comeback and now 28 days PMO free.
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  19. wow , nice going pal ! keep it strong ! first 30 days are easily the toughest!

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