PMO-Free February 2016 - Sign up here

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  1. Ultra Zork

    Ultra Zork Fapstronaut

    I'm in already on day 12 or 13 now
  2. Zix

    Zix Fapstronaut

    No sexual pleasure of any kind. Hard mode, here I go. Plan on going for 90 days, because I think that watching porn almost every day is a problem, even with hormones. I want to become a better version of myself! Sign me up!
  3. Hormigonzo

    Hormigonzo Fapstronaut

    Yeah, thanks @alpha_60 I will keep going the challenge
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  4. Yesodi

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    Wow -- find it hard to believe that I'm still going strong now at 152 days!

    I must admit that when I signed up for my first-ever monthly challenge here, it was pretty much on whim, as part of a "WTF, can't hurt" moment. And my forecast then was that -- at best -- I might complete that month, in which case I'd decide then on if/how to proceed from there. Never in my wildest dreams did I even imagine that there was a realistic chance that I'd make it to where I am today!

    But fast-forwarding to the present, my streak is going very strong and I am now doing all that I can to stand guard and defend my long-term goal of continuing this streak forever.

    I have since redefined what was once my "90-day goal" to become my "90-day medium-term goal". And when that was achieved, I updated it to become my present "180-day medium-term goal."

    As a result, I now view these monthly challenges as "short-term goals," which still play a very important role!

    And so, I am happy and proud to formally (and publicly!) commit to this latest monthly challenge, for the month of February 2016!
    1. No P
    2. No M
    3. No P- or M-related O
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  5. ivorytower

    ivorytower New Fapstronaut

    Sign me in!
    I want to stop watching porn entirely. I have a girlfriend (2 years +) and still fap to porn on a regular basis- I feel guilty about this.
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  6. Liu0074

    Liu0074 Guest

    Hi, I'm interested in participating (if it's not too late), sign me up! :)
  7. Akki27

    Akki27 New Fapstronaut

    it's late but I've just joined nofap community..sign me up please..I want to go no PMO for 90 days