PMO-Free Monthly Thread: Self Mastery May 2018

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Alexander, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Alexander

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    Hello and welcome to the official signup thread for PMO-Free May 2018!

    The purpose of this thread is to provide Rebooters with a place to share their commitment to abstaining from particular sexual behaviors throughout the entire month. Although it is strongly recommended to make a public commitment, posting in this thread is not required for participation in a reboot.

    New to reboot? Here are some suggestions:
    1. Learn about porn addiction, excessive masturbation, and abstaining from PMO (a process called "reboot" or "rebooting"). Our free Getting Started guide that is advertised everywhere is a great option.
    2. Decide if abstaining from PMO is something that you really want. If you don't buy into the process 100%, you'll probably not make it through the month. If you have decided that you would like to participate, proceed to step three.
    3. Sign up for this month by replying to this thread.
    4. Consider setting up a PMO-tracking day counter to monitor your progress.
    5. Create a Journal Thread and share your progress periodically, preferably on a daily basis. Not only does this help you stay accountable, it documents valuable anecdotal evidence that will ultimately help other people going through similar situations in the future.
    6. Ask questions and get support by posting on NoFap. Help others, too, if you are able to.
    7. Get an accountability partner.
    Would you like to participate? If so, please reply to this thread with the following information.
    • Are you not going to allow yourself to masturbate? View porn? Orgasm whatsoever? Not allowing any outlet for sexual release is dubbed "hard mode". For a full list of parameters, see our Rebooting 101 page.
    • How long do you want this challenge to last? By default it is one month, but 90 days is recommended for rebooting. You can't know how long it will take to "rewire" your brain, it widely varies due to individual circumstances. Some people require a year or longer to regain sexual function.
    • What are your goals?
    • Why are you doing this?
    Coming in after this month has already started?

    Don't panic - it is not a problem. Users sign up for NoFap's rebooting events all months long. Just follow the instructions above and jump in at any time by replying to this thread.
  2. njones9

    njones9 Fapstronaut

    Woo! New thread for me to follow and post on! I am currently on day 14, but an extra commitment to keep going strong through this month never hurts!

    I will be staying PM-free for the month, with the ultimate goal(s) of 90 days, then 180 days... forever! I am married with two young kids and a third on the way. I am freeing myself from an addiction to pornography so that I can be the husband and father that my family deserves, as well as for religious reasons (porn and masturbation are not consistent with my religious convictions).

    One day at a time! Tally ho!
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  3. ninjablz428

    ninjablz428 Fapstronaut

    New member to the community but def. wanting to participate in this challenge. Going PM-mode for this, recently stopped masturbating a little over a week ago but would still occasionally find myself watching porn. Just found this site earlier today and it was heaven sent. Currently in a loving relationship with my partner but would love to have the sexual drive back that has seem to be gone away since I became addicted to porn. I've been addicted for a long time but just admitted it to myself recently.
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  4. mikerd

    mikerd Fapstronaut

    First challenge accepted on this site. I am 36 and married with 3 wonderful boys who need a good role model. I am also Christian and work with a youth group. I need to quit for all the above reasons, but more, I need to be whole myself. My goal is to go completely PMO. I have discussed Karezza with my wife and we both feel that focusing on the relationship and intimacy instead of the O would be something good for our relationship. Here we go!
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  5. DiZz

    DiZz Fapstronaut

    First time joining this challenge, I will neither masturbate nor watch porn. I don't have an exact goal in terms of days as I don't plan on ever going back to it.
    I am a 20 year old university student, my goals are to use my sexual energy to do better in Uni, have more energy throughout the day and be more confident in general. Also to rid myself of the giant time sink that is masturbation. From the many times I did long streaks I know how benefical NoFap can be for you and I'll use that as my motivation. I know that Porn serves no purpose in my life and takes a huge toll on my energy levels, time and confidence.

    Good luck to everyone
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  6. RedeemedIowan

    RedeemedIowan Fapstronaut


    Just completed a 14 days challenge so I’m trying this one. I am playing on hard-mode, as is my fiancé. We are waiting for marriage (october 20th!!!) to get it on. Main reason is I belief this is the path God wants us on.

    I am a recovering PA, without P since January 12, 2017.. praise the LORD!

    My goals are:
    1. to rid myself of my masturbation habit so that once married 100% of my sexual pleasure will come from my partner.

    2. To earn respect from my fiancé that i am a man if my word and a man of God.

    3. To train myself to fight sexual sin, especially infidelity via P, P-subs or a physical partner.

    4. To earn trust from my fiancé.

    5. To prove to myself and to God that I have given God complete control.
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  7. ValhalL-3

    ValhalL-3 Fapstronaut

    Here we go. We can do this. I to will continue.
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  8. Poseidon

    Poseidon Fapstronaut

    I’m in.
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  9. jatar

    jatar Fapstronaut

    Signing up, could always use some extra motivation.
  10. RecoveringWanker

    RecoveringWanker Fapstronaut

    RecoveringWanker is in
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  11. Tempo

    Tempo Fapstronaut

    Day 28 but still feeling numb ??
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  12. I'm going to give this a shot. In the past, I've tried and haven't been able to make it through the month but I'm giving it another try.
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  13. Dandi76

    Dandi76 New Fapstronaut

    Hey, I’m new as well but I’m going to start today. Hard mode. I wanna go 30 days then continue from there.
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  14. Actinism

    Actinism Fapstronaut

    I started 2 days ago but Imma participate at this challenge! Best luck to all of you!
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  15. harry287

    harry287 Fapstronaut

    I am new to this today Is my 3rd day clean from PMO
    I am an addict but clean from last 8+ years. With the help of N. A twelve step program
    I am in pmo from last 22 years I never quit this but now the time is come I am trying to quit from last 6 months but my maximum clean time is 45 days.
    But now u again started
    I know I can recover from this with grace of my higher power and help of your friends
    I want to stay without pmo and willing to watch what would be my life after 90 days of clean
    So I am taking commitment of 90 days as per daily basis same as just for today

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  16. glitchblaster19

    glitchblaster19 Fapstronaut

  17. Manu chao

    Manu chao New Fapstronaut

    Hello, I’m here to stop my PMO addiction. Today is my day One and will do it for the rest of the month. Good luck !
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  18. joarev85

    joarev85 Fapstronaut

    Yes. Here we go. Although May is a dangerous month with a lot of red potential «no work to do days so instead I watch porn - days.»Has to be careful, but I am in.
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  19. pillan24

    pillan24 Fapstronaut

    Hard mode May 2018 31 days. I'm doing this because I've never gone 31 days without PMO.
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  20. pillan24

    pillan24 Fapstronaut

    1/31 done
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