PMO is destroying my life

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    Currently I am on Day 3 of my 90 journey of no PMO. I can't concentrate when I am doing my homework or studying for a test. I have never had this problem before; brain fog started when I began watching porn and masturbating. I have been dealing with brain fog for 1 year now, and it has brought me to a point where I can't drive anymore. When driving, I can't focus on my surroundings and there will be times where I will daydream. I have no idea why this is happening because I need to drive so I can get to places. I can't rely on my parents since they go to work everyday.

    How long will brain fog last? Is there any solution for this? School starts end of August, so I won't be done with my 90 day reboot by then. I want to improve my concentration and focus, especially with school and driving. I feel like I am completely unaware of my surroundings and I have no idea what I am doing. It feels like I am losing my consciousness and emotions. Things are not as clear as it used to be and I have a hard time thinking, especially when making quick decisions. I feel detached from reality. PMO is a lethal drug combination that can kill you mentally if one doesn't have self-control or motivation to beat it. It is powerful and addictive, that is why so many people relapse. I feel anxious, depressed, lost, and confused. Never knew that PMO could cause more harm than help.
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    Really sad to know you are having that horrible experience mate.. But normally we have brain fog only when we leave pmo that is for 2-3 days.. I have never heard anyone have brain fog while on pmo.. I think you should probably talk to a doctor first mate.. Brain fog for 2 years is not normal.. Hope you will feel better soon but yeah try talking to your doctor
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    yeah its like a salt water... give us more and more thirst
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    How are you now?
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    Good news is that Christ is rebuilding it.
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    Hmm maybe if you live near some friends they can give you a lift if you need to go out or you may need to take public transportation for a bit.

    Brain fog can be caused by depression, I have had a brain fog this year after recently losing a relative and it felt really weird like I was choking mentally, like I couldn't think :S
    I know it can be tough but i guess it pays to stay positive and humbly correct yourself (not harshly) when there are failures or past memories. It pays to remeber when you are attacked with insults from the enemy that Christ loves you and is always there helping you through the trials. What also helps is if you keep praying
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    hey double_a, dont worry, you will soon recover and live more happily. lack of concentrarltion is caused by pmo. I suffered that for a long time. It affected me in my studies greatly. I could not just concentration. My girlfriend left me because of my high levels of anxiety and shyness not forgeting lack of even a little confident. This is my day 76 since I lastly fapped. many changes have taken place in my life. When you will reach 30 days, your concentration will come back and your anxiety starts weathering off you. Just be calm. Abstaining from ejeculations for one week increases your testesterone for 45%. for four weeks it will be enough. am speaking from Experience. Search on google The importance of testesterone which you throw away during PMO and see what am telling you. Am posting this from KENYA. And as you recover, gain more confidence, gain more concentration, become more calm, I pray that you will soon find great peace of mind and live happily forever more.All the best.
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    Lol. People do experience these symptoms while addicted and even after they quit.
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