PMO once a week vs no PMO at all

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by iesnare, Oct 4, 2020.

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    The NoFap coomunity says u should try to hold out without PMO for as long as possible, preferrably infinitely. That's very simple strategy, but is it really the best? In my opinion not. I tried countless times to do so, but without success. I also spent many hours on reading scientiffic articles about PMO and here are the conclusions:

    Everyone here says that PMO is pure evil, but there are some positive effects of masurbation if u do it sensibly. These are some biological benefits that we can't deny, even though the negative effects of excessive masturbation outweigh these positives of casual masutbation completely. Here they are copied from an article:
    - Toxins build up naturally in the urogenital tract. Men who ejaculate decrease these toxin levels.
    - When men ejaculate, a little cortisol gets released, which is the stress hormone. This boosts their immune system
    - Masturbation can release stress and tension from the body by flooding the system with endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body and can lead to sound sleep.
    - Masturbating releases feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin (it's good as long as u don't get addicted to high dopamine levels)

    After a thorough research I found that the optimal frequency of masturbation for men is exactly once a week. If u do it more often, then u may lose some fo your energy, motivation, creativity, social-confidence, etc. If u do it less frequently, u won't fully benefit from the positive effects of masturbation mentioned above. There are 3 sources that I found this information from:
    - A research from China 2003 has shown that the men's testosterone level peaks after 7 days of abstaining from masturbation, then decreases. it means that if u masturbate exactly once a week, u will have the highest testosterone level possible and therefore u will perform better at sports, will have higher libido and be better with women, but will also be more aggressive.
    - John Gray, one of the most famous and respected relationship counselors and authotrs all-time has written it in his book 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'. He actually meant ejaculation after a sex with a real woman, but it does apply to masturbation too.
    - David Aspray wrote the same in his book 'Game Changers', based on a comprehensive research.

    I'm on a 8 weeks streak of masturbating to porn exactly once a week and I feel happy with it. I went from masturbating 1-2 times a day, with some succesful and unsuccesful no-PMO-challenges in between, to once a week with control over it. I encourage you to try that too. As there are 30-, 60-, and 90-days no-PMO-challenges that NoFap cultivates, u can, instead, try 4-,8- and 13-weeks PMO-once-a-week challenges. They are much easier and u won't feel so much pressure.
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  2. Damaged_Stoic

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    I agree with what you're saying.

    MO is a natural bodily function, however, the problem is when people do it compulsively and excessively. So I think it is important for some people to get their habit under control before resuming the function again in a minimal state.
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    I also agree with what you are saying, my personal goal is not watch porn only.

    What others have learned who masturbate compulsively are self control benefits of not masturbating at all for periods of time. Where f they do this correctly, they prioritize other areas of their life.

    With every challenge humans embark in we give it its own Epic hero story. Hence why you see at times stuff that is extraordinary or myth.
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    IMO doing M for the "benefits" is bullshit. Unless you are eating well, getting sunlight daily, exercising daily, and doing the 100 other things that have proven long term benefits, you're just doing M because it feels good. Let's be real.

    For most addicts I think no PMO is the best option. I'm sure some people can do controlled M, but for many it leads back to PMO.
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  5. skaterdrew

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    The truth is MO on it's own never got any guys here. It never lead any guy here in to serious addiction, and it never caused any guys to develop sexual dysfunctions.

    The truth is even PMO didn't cause much issues before a high novelty platform, so before high speed internet.

    What has happened is because the level of sexual novelty high speed internet provides, this causes a lot of us to constantly search more and more while masturbating. So we masturbate, edge, while flicking about hundreds of different sexual content online. Many of us have hour long sessions before we ejaculate, and the this goes on all day.

    What this does is it constantly releases more and more dopamine in our brains, to the point our brain is completely sky rocketing with dopamine. Much more dopamine than our brains were designed to be able to handle. So this then causes the brain to make adjustments, down regulating dopamine receptors etc. Then most other things in life become boring because they can't match this level of dopamine that our behaviour while PMOing on high speed internet causes. Even other sexual acts don't do it for our brain, because they also can't match this level of dopamine that our behaviour while PMOing on high speed internet causes. So then this leads to things like erectile dysfunction, because we need this level of stimulation, novelty and dopamine to get and maintain an erection.

    The truth is MO on it's own never caused these problems. Even PMO before a high novelty platform didn't cause these problems. Because the novelty was so low, and it couldn't cause the level of dopamine for such a long period of time needed to cause these damaging effects, and create this level of addiction.

    The issue with trying to use PMO moderately these days, or even MO moderately these days is high speed internet is here, extreme sexual novelty is here. So trying to moderately use MO or PMO, what happens is your brain naturally will seek more, as humans naturally seek novelty, and it will be worse if you are already addicted to PMO.

    My opinion is if you can MO and it doesn't result in you returning to PMO then it's fine. I don't recommend planning on PMOing. But if you do end up doing it very occasionally from time to time, and it never results in you going back to your old addictive edging and binging behaviour, then I don't think it is all that much of a big deal if you ended up PMOing for short periods of time very occasionally.

    PMOing for 5-10 minutes is a completely different behaviour to edging and binging on PMO on hundreds of different content for an hour or multiple hours.

    One causes not all that much dopamine release in the brain, where as the other is seriously pounding your brain with dopamine.
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  6. Little Prince

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    I find your post suspicious. You mention porn might not be bad but then only mention benefits to masturbating.
    If this isn't yet another attempt to discredit porn addiction then you do know that you can masturbate without porn right?

    Those that aren't addicted to masturbating don't actually need to do noPMO, noP works perfectly fine. In my opinion even better because by having orgasms you won't be fantasising about porn so recovery is faster and easier.
  7. Fiskiaus

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    Don't think this post applies to actual addicts.
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  8. Little Prince

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    Porn is bad for everyone it makes the brain release an unnatural amount of dopamine. Once a week is way too much.
  9. The only way i find myself survive in noPMO is playing game. I played league of legend all day long and the urge to PMO disappear, like magic. I did it 50 days, but the problem is it turned to another addiction, i realised that. Then i stopped play game, trying to focus on study but i can't and i relapsed 3 days later. If we don't have something to focus, we focus to everything and social media, youtube, gamming, pornography are waiting for us.
  10. Envoy-ofthe-End

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    This is a good method to strive for if your life is mediocre. I for one love to train calisthenics/heavy weights and if I release my semen with my hand I immediately feel weakness and bad recovery. On the other hand if I have sex with a girl the next day I sometimes even feel stronger. Jacking off is an excuse to be weak.

    I understand now why steroids exist, you can be a degenerate loser and still gain muscle because you dont need to be strong mentally. As a natural if you dont have a strong mind the body won't follow. Females and other males can catch onto you're mental strength and that attracts people. I noticed that keeping eye contact is an outward sign of your mind's strength.
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  11. iesnare

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    I think, if my ultimate goal is to masturbate no more than once a week, then it's better to set this goal right away, without trying prolonged periods (for example 90 days) of no-PMO before. For most, 90 days of no-PMO is a mission impossible anyway. I once succeeded over a 30-days challenge just to do PMO 4 times on the day after that and then returned to my old habits. Now, when I consistently do PMO once a week, I see some real progress and control over it. I went directly from PMO 1-2 times a day to once a week.

    The main point of my post was that ejaculating once in a week is best from the biological point of view, no matter if it's masturbation to porn, masturbation without porn or sex with a girlfriend. Psycholagically, the 3rd option is the best and the 1st the worst, but biologically it doesnt't matter. By ejaculating once a week u can keep the best balance of hormones in your body.

    I actually do other things for self-development and set goals in other areas of life. Masturbating once a week helps me to achieve these goals. When masturbating excessively I cannot achieve any goals, because of lack of energy and motivation. When not masturbating at all, I am able to achieve these goals, but I feel like something is missing and feel kind of unhappy that I can't satisfy my sexual demands at all.

    Actually, in past, some people got still addicted to masturbation. It was called 'onanism' then. Of course it was of incomparable extent to now. Nowadays, we are bombarded with sexual content from everywhere, not only from porn sites and it's hard to avoid it. So, instead of trying to avoid it, I think it's better to control it; be aware of our thoughts and processes in our brains while facing sexual content.

    I personally masturbate to porn once a week and I see no problem with that. I don't think it makes a difference, whether u masturbate in front of a PC-screen; in the toilet fantasizing about porn or p-subs, or masturbating mechanically without fantasizing. As long as I don't exceed my limit of 1 ejaculation pro week, I don't care what kind of ejaculation it was. I can even watch porn without masturbating after that and it's still not a relapse to me. I know that some don't like such rules, but for me they work good and I'm gonna stick to them. I tried 9 years to quit porn, tried many different approaches and finally found something that works and just wanted to share this with you.

    Who is actual addict and who is not is kind of relative. There are some who say that you either are addicted or not and there are some, including me, who believe that u can be lightly, moderately or heavily addicted. People often don't know, what kind of goals they should set in the sexual health area and I think that in most cases, PMO once a week is a better and easier goal than trying to abstain from PMO infintely.

    That's right. That's why it is important to set other goals in life after reducing PMO, because playing video games, watching TV or laying in bed doing nothing for the whole day, just to avoid PMO, is not ideal.

    As I said: 'A research from China 2003 has shown that the men's testosterone level peaks after 7 days of abstaining from masturbation, then decreases. it means that if u masturbate exactly once a week, u will have the highest testosterone level possible and therefore u will perform better at sports'. I also go to gym 2-3 times a week and masturbating once a week definitely doesn't have a negative effect on it. The opposite is true, as long as i do it after training and not before it.
  12. Envoy-ofthe-End

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    You are highly incorrect. An elite athlete looking for ultimate performance will never throw his life force. I'm not your "average" pansy gym goer. I train for results which is power and muscle mass and now more then ever my body is unforgiving of masturbating. It reeks of weakness
  13. pump20

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    In my opinion, for me it's better not to masturbate at all because of porn flashbacks in my mind and fantasizing them and creating my own. It's better to wait for the wet dreams. In fact, we don't need to masturbate at all. Use the energy for working out at gym, creating things in life, meditation breathing.
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