PMO Reboot - Advice please?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Jesusiscomingback, May 19, 2019.

Will I completely recover?

  1. You will recover, but very slowly

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  2. It depends on many things

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  3. It will take years

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  4. Other (please reply)

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  5. No

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  1. Jesusiscomingback

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    I turned 18 recently and wanted to stop my porn addiction, it was destroying me and my mind. I have been addicted since age 13 roughly, so 5 years of addiction. I have bad anxiety, depression and low confidence and I believe that's mostly because of porn. I have never posted anything like this before, but I've made 2 weeks now and i'm starting to get really bad headaches and feel strange (I think these are withdrawal symptoms).

    However, on the positive side, I can see good things happening. I've got more energy, I'm feeling more confident and better about myself. My relationships are improving and my girlfriend seems to like me more. Also I feel better about not being caught up in sin (that is my belief). I called out to God and since haven't been addicted.

    Few questions:
    - Is it normal to feel pain in genitals after abstaining for ages.
    - How long will it take for reboot
    - Do I need to do anything else apart from not watching porn
    - General advice?

    I'm new on here and just wondering if people could offer some advice and encouragement, also I am sitting my finals soon.

    Thank you