PMO: Side-Effects + I want to Relapse

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    I've been addicted to Porn for 10years and here are the Side effects of Porn that only few people know about.

    PMO is really hard to remove from your Life and once you're addicted it's for Life.

    I don't really think that you can ever heal from this addiciton. You can reduce it but not heal from it.

    Real girls are nothing to compare with pornstars which are Hotters.

    I don't think that someone can ever Heal from this addiction i've been trying to remove it and i'm in +100 days streak, but I feel like i'm Lost and i'm thinking in Relpasing, i'm not happy with my life anymore, only PMO can heal me.

    Side Effects of PORN:
    1) Weak Immunity system
    2) Lost of Motivation
    3) Sleepy all times and yawning 24h/24
    4) Catch viruses and bacteria easily since your Immune system is very weak so you'll catch a cold at least 2 times a month.
    5) Baldness
    6) Bad Vibe (You'll not attract girls with it)
    7) No Energy to Cook/Hang Out/Sport/Shower
    8) No Friends

    Even though all the side effects i'm thinking about relapsing...

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  2. everydayitgetseasier

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    The longer you've had the addiction the longer that you will need to break it, but it WILL be done. You've made it very far already do not give up now. you have the side effects listed there, and they are all true. I'll tell you this: PMO will heal you... FOR THREE FUCKING SECONDS. Then your pain will be much worse. for many of the people on here porn is not the only problem that you are facing, so you can't expect nofap to fix everything, what it will do is make things better, make you better, and therefore make you a person more capable of solving your own problems. You are correct that real girls won't compare to supermodels or whatever from a purely superficial way, but the way the sleazy 'hot' messy porn star makes you feel on your screen WILL NOT COMPARE to how a real girl in a relationship will make you feel. There is more to sex than visual stimulation, the pheromones, the personal connection, the long reliance and give and take from a healthy relationship puts the quick pleasure from porn to shame, remember that. Everyday its gonna get easier, everyday you have to remind yourself that you beat yesterday, and yesterday was harder, tomorrow will be easier. Why in the world would the man who didn't relapse on the harder day yesterday relapse today? He won't. You won't. live on, you will have your day.
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  3. alexandrebois

    alexandrebois Fapstronaut

    The only thing that keeps me aways from PMO is:

    The Weak Immunity System.

    I get sick right after i PMO, i catch a cold immediately for odds reasons.

    If only i didn't have this symptom i would have relapsed. that's the only thing that is keeping me away from doing it back. :/
  4. alexandrebois

    alexandrebois Fapstronaut

    Also i'm sorry to interupt you but Pornstars and Porn is better than sex.
    I've had the luck to try out real Sex, because i'm married, and the orgasm i can get out from PMO is 200 better than the one i get from my partner.

    I don't know why, but i prefer PMO, because everytime you get to see new Girls, new Faces, new Bodies, new Hot girls.. and that's is just making me Horny everytime

    But in real sex, there is always the same routine over and over again.

    So that's the Main reason i wanna get back to PMO because i don't get any pleasure out from real sex.

    But i'm scared to loose my Health :/ that's the problem. I don't wanna get sick, i hate getting sick.
    Also i need to go out everyday to buy food, drive car, etc.., so when i PMO i can not have none of energy to do theses daily tasks.

    I'm really Lost, i don't know what to do.

    I'm not satisfied with my partner at all, i miss the orgasm PMO used to procure me in the past.

    The orgasm with my partner feels like: I get the Dopamine hit but not the orgasm feeling. while in PMO i get the Dopamine hit and the orgasm feeling aswell and it's so Great, i feel successfull, i feel the best, i feel like i'm better than everyone else.. It's like cocaine! the feeling of "Grandiosity" that i don't get in real sex but i do get in PMO
  5. alexandrebois

    alexandrebois Fapstronaut

    I wish i could stop this addiciton but it's not easy as you may think.

    I don't feel the Orgasm feeling anymore with real Sex.

    I feel like my partner is not good enough for me

    I feel like my partner don't have the body of a pornstar

    The orgasm i get from my Partner is shit compared to the ones i used to have from PMO

    I feel like i should relapse but i Can't: (don't wanna catch a cold again)
  6. Psalm27:1my light

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    You don’t understand. The reason you get no pleasure from sex is because of pmo. In the same way your wife would not make you feel as good as shooting up heroin. You are getting high, but using pmo.
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  7. A8X

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    PMO and real sex with a partner is not really comparable. Sex with a partner is about intimacy & connection while porn is about overflowing your brain with dopamine by getting unlimited access to sexual content in all kinds of flavors.

    And yes, it is addictive like hell and we have to accept that we are sex addicts for ever. If we decide to quit, we have to accept the loss of the rush PMO gives us. There are benefits that comes with rehabilitating from an addiction, but they are long term and you have to work for them. Like building solid relationships with other people: friends, partner, co-workers etc. The reason you feel crap while being sober is because you haven't learned how to take care of your self and your life, PMO has always been a quick fix for everything.
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  8. alexandrebois

    alexandrebois Fapstronaut

    Yeah but why i do like PMO more than real sex? why does it feel better?
  9. TowardLight

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    This is akin to saying: 'Going out for ice cream with my friends on a hot day doesn't feel as good as bumping crystal meth'. Of course natural stimuli isn't going to compare directly with hyper stimuli, hence the name. But the thing with the ice cream with friends is that it stimulates the right parts of your brain: social interaction, good memory making. Sitting in a room doing meth ain't doing anything for you and is doing a whole lot of damage to your brain.

    It's similar with porn; sure it feels great because there's an endless supply of novelty and hyper-stimulus and I can pleasure myself better than my partner so the orgasm is way better, but what am I left with and am I truly fulfilled at the end of it? If you go through the process of healing from porn addiction and building real intimacy with a partner, what you can share together is far more powerful than PMO because it's real, long lasting and reciprocal. If porn's so great why do we feel like shit when watch it too much? Because that feeling is diminishing all the time and pulling you further into the dark hole. If you take the time to build truly close and caring relationships they will fulfill you and be way better over an extended period of time than porn ever has or will.

    Also if you haven't seen them, go to and watch the lectures there, the stuff about sexual conditioning and PIED (you might not have it but if you don't connect with your partner during sex, its part of the same problem) sounds like it could help you. The bottom line is, if you don't go back to porn and make an effort to rewire with you partner, it will get better.
  10. Candun

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    PMO dosent even actually make you feel good. It just gives a rush. Not the same thing.
  11. A8X

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    Throughout the evolution of humans, access to sex has always been very limited. We had few sexual partners throughout our lives. You were lucky if you had a sexual partner at all. That's the reality our brains has evolved to handle. Compare that to internet porn. Within seconds we have access to infinite sexual stimuli of all kinds of flavors, anytime we want to, for as long as we want to! This floods our dopamine receptors and tells our brain to fuck like there is no tomorrow. It wouldn't be possible without internet porn, it hijacks our natural instincts by creating a surreal world.

    The same thing goes for food addiction. Throughout history, sugar has been a rare commodity to find, that's why our senses tell us to eat plenty of it, because you never know when you come across it again. Today, sugar is everywhere, in ridiculous amounts. This also kidnaps our natural survival instincts and accelerates addictive behaviors.

    Does that make sense?

    If you want to know more:
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