Poem "The Seductress"

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    This beautiful woman, who enticed me to see.
    She beckons with beauty, desire so deep.
    A gorgeous attraction that does call to your heart.
    Drawing you near, with a hypnotic nuance.
    Oh she is lovely, and comely, and wise.
    Her air so mysterious, lucid, alive.

    This presence surrounds her, that cannot be described.
    And you know that you want her, deep down inside.
    But there is a hesitation that does caution your soul.
    For she is elusive, and her ways are unknown.
    Her face remains hidden, it is wrapped in a veil.
    In fact her whole body is beautifully covered, unrevealed.
    A mythic dark haired beauty, in the shadows, and pale.
    Yet a deep churning in my heart when we lock eyes.
    I'm taken by surprise, my heart seems reconciled.
    My being feels alive and does dance way down inside.

    I know not what to do with this mysterious maiden?
    It seems my feet have taken over, as I'm moving more near her.
    She flits, and she floats and she moves all about.
    I think I'm in love with one I know nothing about!
    She's pulling me in now, too late to turn back.
    I cannot resist, she's disabled my tact.
    A slave to her loveliness, oh what a thrill.
    Closer and closer till we meet face to face.
    Finally, to behold her beauty, unveiled.

    She reaches her hand up, to remove her cover of mystique.
    And now I am confident of the beauty I will see.
    She takes off the veil to reveal herself.
    And to my utter horror she is entirely someone else!
    The most horrible being one could ever imagine.
    She's putrid, and morbid, and cannot be fathomed.
    In a state of sheer terror, from her paralyzing speech.
    “ You simple minded fool, I have drawn you in, and now your soul I will keep.”

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    Am I the beautiful woman? :cool: