Pokemon Go is the opening move for Skynet.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Deleted Account, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. You've been warned.
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    Too focused on avoiding PMO to chase Pokemon (I don't know how that works anyway) but I see your point @[email protected] ! :)
  3. The fact that people are complaining about Pokémon go even though it's getting people to be more social and outgoing is sad. Shoutout to Pokémon go for giving kids more exercise than Michelle Obama has tried to do in the past 8 years.
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  4. It's causing people to be the opposite of social. They may be getting around more but they're glued to their phone to the point where they don't even watch where they're going.
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    exactly, i remember hanging around with 5friend whos all minds was sucked by their phones and i couldnt have a proper conversation, even if i could it could only be a very swallow subject. Its like humans dont play with their phones, the phones are playing with humans.LOL
  6. It seems to go in both directions. For some people who used to be social, they're glued to their phones during car rides, walks, etc. For some people who used to stay indoors, the app is motivating them to go outside.

    Guess the key is moderation, like most things in life. Also agree with OP, this would be the most brilliant government surveillance program and first step towards AI takeover.
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  7. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords!
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    Focusing on avoiding PMO is a horrible strategy. Focus on working on your goals and having fun instead. Whether Pokemon Go fits in to that or not is up to you.

    When I was a boy, a hundred years ago, we had Pokemon cards, Gameboy and Pokemon Stadium on Nintendo 64. Kids these days don't know what's what.
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  9. GSarosi

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    I wouldn't say Pokemon Go sucks or whatever negatives to describe this game. I don't play because I think I am way too old for that. What I will say is that this game has exposed all the idiots and morons out there in case if you are wondering. And man there are many.
  10. MyNameIsX

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    In my city there is a bridge that generally gets used as a meeting point for drug deals, prostitution, muggings etc. It's useful for such nefarious pursuits as it's dark and secluded. Turns out it's also a Pokemon hot spot. Pokemon players keep having quite bad things happen to them there when they decide to go pokemon hunting at 4am.
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    Spot on.
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    I'm a college student (even at my "advanced" age) and I'm astounded how alleged adults at my school are being suckered into this Pokémon Go thing. I hear all the rationalizations, such as it making people more sociable (nonsense, since all they do is stare at their glowing rectangles) and allowing people to get more exercise (what? people were prevented from walking before the advent of this silly game?) and I just shake my head.
  13. I can see both sides of the coin with Pokémon GO. I play it occasionally. Sometimes I get annoyed with my man for playing it too much when we are out. But in another sense, it's a pretty cool thing that has kind of universally bound a lot of people together, which is always a neat experience to be a part of. Like @MyNameIsX , I have a bridge in my town that is kind of Pokémon central. It's not a sketchy place though, it's actually really beautiful. For me and my husband, who are both pretty introverted and stay home a lot, it was fun to get out and go for a walk on the bridge and catch some Pokémon. We also saw a couple old friends of his while we were there, and I got a few comments on my Funhaus shirt, which kind of made me smile at the idea of being around like minded people who enjoy the same kinds of things. I like to look on the bright side and enjoy the community of it all. And honestly, I don't really care much at all about the stupid people who walk off cliffs and other crap while playing. That's 100% their fault, not the game's. People need to grow brains sometimes.

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