PoliTalk: “Mayor Pete” needs to go away. Forever.

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  1. RobinCoenBrosFan

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    I woke up to casually use the Google Search engine and guess whose smart, Swiss Miss white bread grinning face with all of his bland, pasty friends is in the first photo of the first headline? Pete “Booty-Judge” Buttigieg 2020. Pete, nobody likes you. Nobody will vote for you. In an ideal situation, being the first gay president would be a milestone, but you, personally, need to face facts. You’re not passing the big primary. Quit while you’re ahead, and while you’re at it, just disappear. Vanish from the planet earth. And thanks for ruining “High Hopes,” which was never a great song but a decent one, until your supporters that you can count on one hand came along and made it cringe.
  2. red gyarados

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    Lol a gay democrat with “butt” in his name, whoda thunk?
  3. Why do you care whether a politician is likeable?
  4. RobinCoenBrosFan

    RobinCoenBrosFan Fapstronaut

    They don’t have to be “likeable,” (I voted for Hillary because she wouldve done ever so slightly less damage to the country than the alternative and she’s the polar opposite of likeable; however I’m ashamed of that to this day) I just have to like their political philosophy and platform. Mayor Pete does not fit the criteria for my personal satisfaction in either of those departments. (I.e., he’s pretty much a shill for the wealthy and the corrupt top 1% in this country, much like the establishment Republican and Democratic parties are, and his policy on immigration is very problematic).
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  5. I see. Your post seemed to be a lot more superficial than that :)
  6. I was a big fan of Pete at first and I'll still take him over Biden, Warren or Klobuchar (but would he win anyway?)
    I like that he is a veteran and a Rhodes scholar. I don't see him a shill for the wealthy, not as corrupt as the more "seasoned" politicians . . . but he may be heading that way.

    The Democratic party is fucked. And anyone who leans too heavily on that is just going to deepen the divide that is tearing our nation apart (like Harris who said that we need to re-establish an Obama coalition)

    My fave is Tulsi Gabbard, another veteran, who quit her position with the DNC over the 2016 Bernie squashing nonsense, who is against these endless regime change wars in the Middle East, and who called out Hillary for what she really is - extremely corrupt and war-mongering.

    But I think our best bet is Andrew Yang. When everybody is trying to go more left or more right, that guy nailed it when he said, "Not left, not right, but forward".

    If only the established Democratic favorites could just have the grace and humility to step aside and let a new voice arise to lead our country into the future instead of deepening the bipartisan divide and causing government shutdowns while the rest of the world is progressing two to three times faster than we are.
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  7. brilliantidiot

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    I agree but I don't really care if he sits there with the rest of the crowd. I'll take Donald Trump anyway.
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  8. RobinCoenBrosFan

    RobinCoenBrosFan Fapstronaut

  9. a lot of wealthy bankers do - for obvious reasons this whole 'liberation' thing is a mask for corruption.
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