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  1. RobinCoenBrosFan

    RobinCoenBrosFan Fapstronaut

    This has been talked about, but mostly by fringe elements of society instead of the people with the most ubiquitous voices and platforms, where it will mainly matter.

    Let me be clear: I am a liberal. I am a left-winger.

    But I’m being real, I just love the way that the mainstream media and corporately-owned journalists (which is all widely consumed by the public) stall and make excuses for somebody accused of sexual assault when they are a member of the Establishment Democratic Party. Case in point: Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault. I wasn’t there, and I don’t know how credible this woman’s testimony is, or her background, and nothing has been proven in a court of law, but people including, but not limited to, CNN and MSNBC, the New York Times, the Post, and supposed “proponents” and “figureheads” in something as powerful, influential, effective and game-changing as the #MeToo movement (e.g., Alyssa Milano) can trumpet the slogans of “believe women,” and shoehorn in buzzwords and virtue-signaling phrases such as “toxic masculinity” and “that’s the patriarchy at work” (Brett Kavanaugh and the president himself, whom have been proven to have actually committed these crimes), etc, but decide when to make exceptions. When it comes to Joe Biden, or Bill Clinton, who has also had women come forward against him, “well, what about due process?” “We have to consider, bla, bla, bla,” “is the witness credible?” “Supposedly accused of...” Why on God’s green earth should they get off scot-free?

    oh wait, that’s right. Because THEY HELP SIGN THE MSM’S PAYCHECKS. Heaven forbid they say anything bad about their bosses! The point I’m getting at with all this is that this is the pinnacle of sleaze that REGARDLESS if people like Biden or Clinton are guilty or innocent, the media is quick to rally behind them and subtly come to their defense, whereas if it had been a true progressive like Bernie Sanders accused of sexual misconduct (whom they HATE, btw), they would have slaughtered him without batting an eye.

    This election is gonna be fun, where we’re forced to choose between a rapist and an alleged rapist. And did I mention that we’re gonna repeat the same mistake as 2016 and Trump will nuke Biden into orbit? No one will vote for him so it will be a waste and I will never vote for Donnie. #boycottthednc #writeinbernie

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