Poll: how many suffered sexual abuse as a child?

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Were you sexually abused as a child?

  1. Yes

    19 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. I have a feeling that the number of people that suffer from PA that were NOT abused is in the minority. I think has a strong affect on how we view sex. I know it has affected me.
  2. Fightthedevil

    Fightthedevil Fapstronaut

    I didn't suffered from sexual abuse but sure was bullied badly in 9th and 10th grade,that damaged me pretty chronicly.
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  3. IR254

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    That's the first time I read such a thesis. Actually I'm very sceptical, if it might be true or not.

    I personally was never abused as a child. Not sexually nor otherwise.
  4. Got to Overcome

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    I think that in the days before high-speed Internet, there probably was a strong correlation between pornography addiction and sexual abuse. Since maintaining such an addiction would have required regularly visiting sketchy parts of town and risking potentially embarrassing situations which could have resulted in damage to one's social standing and career, the compulsion to indulge must have been abnormally strong.

    But now that any person can access every possible genre of pornography in the comfort of their homes, I'm doubtful that most addicts have suffered sexual abuse or any other sort of catastrophic event which has led them to act out sexually. Of course, those who have suffered sexual abuse are probably even more likely to become regular users of pornography, but again, I don't think that describes the majority of users.

    That actually reminds me a quote from Patrick Carnes, the well-known sexual addiction therapist/author. I don't recall it in full, but his point was that in the pre-Internet days, it was relatively easy to make generalizations about porn/sex addicts. They had typically suffered some sort of abuse, grown up in broken homes, dealt with a lot of rejection, likely dealt with addictions to alcohol and drugs as well, etc. But once high-speed Internet came into existence, it was no longer possible to make any sorts of generalizations. Pornography addiction now crossed all lines of wealth/status/career/age.

    Now to answer your question, I have never suffered any sort of sexual abuse. Although I used pornography throughout high school and college, I didn't fall into the depths of addiction until I developed a severe skin problem which effectively ruined my self-esteem and desire to interact with others. So while I suppose I could be categorized as one who was led to porn by emotional trauma, my guess is that that's probably not the case for most others, particularly those who have grown up with smartphones and high speed Internet everywhere they go.
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  5. MarinoBigFan1984

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    I was paddled on the butt by nuns at school but not at home. Never hit by my parents.
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  6. So far the poll shows my hypothesis to be wrong. But it hasn't been answered by many, and it's a self-selecting group, so who knows.
  7. JakeWoods

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    I was never sexualy abused. I wasn't abused in any fashion at all.

    I was just simply a curious young boy who liked women and stumbled across Porn.

    I mean your argument can't be proved right either way.

    You're saying that majority of the people who use porn must have been sexually abused. If anyone says that the reason they use porn is hands down due to the fact that they were abused is simply mistaken. You need to take into account that even if you were not sexually abused that you still likely would have come across and got addicted to Porn.

    You can't really answer this question. Because to answer this question you would need a time machine. You would have to have multiple candidates who were all sexually abused. Track and keep a log of when they started using Porn to cope with their "abuse". Then you would have to hop into the time machine go back in time and enter their lives and take the sexual abuse out of the equation before it started and then log their lives again... seeing if the results are the same. Maybe they will still use porn the same as if when they were abused. I personally think they would still use porn. But who knows :)
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  8. Star Lord

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    I wish abusers burn in hell
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  9. Kristen

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    while it was not vaginal intercorse, I was molested by my father when I was 8 until I was 10, and was sexually active
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  10. I was abused emotionally but not sexually.
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  11. Star Lord

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    Sorry to here :(
  12. Star Lord

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    It can be just as bad :(
  13. Yeah. It has fucked up my life. I have been unable to remedy the damage that was done and I am still haunted by it. :(
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  14. Star Lord

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    Whoever did it will burn in hell.
    You will be avenged IGY by karma. Evil never wins.
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  15. I really didn't mean it to sound like that. The majority of people who use porn definitely aren't even on this site. I was just thinking that a lot of people who have problems with sexuality and self confidence could be do to abuse and porn could have been a way to self medicate. I know it was for me. I might have had some of those feelings anyway, but I think they were different because of abuse.
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  16. I think any level of trauma can effect how people deal with it, some turn to drugs, alcohol, violence, porn or all of them, some get help. There is a lot of variables, I was abused sexually and emotionally when I was 9 by an older boy and his father used to pick me up randomly off the street kicking and screeming when i was 7 and run my head under a tap, i think he thought it was funny, but i didn't. His son was a nasty piece of [email protected] Yet despite that experience i still ended up on the wrong side of the law due to my escalating porn addiction, over many years of desensitisation. The problem was that I never told anyone about it, and when I tried to tell my mum she told me 'don't be so silly' so i left it at that. I think if i saw this person again I would end up in prison for GBH or murder.
  17. overclocked

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    Wasn't abused, but I believe there is a strong correlation between sexual problems and traumatic experiences.
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  18. MarinoBigFan1984

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    I think lack of sex education contributes way more to porn addiction than sex abuse.
  19. HeavyTiny

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    I wasn't abused and I'm not trying to make a comparison but I and others I have seen on here got into P very early, like 8 or 9 looking at hard stuff. So maybe early exposure to sexual content and feeling we are not able to control at that age is a factor?
  20. Well, so far guys my poll is only at 20% of yeses so it seems to show my hypothesis wrong. It's ok, that's why I asked.

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