POLL: Should NoFap have a forum section for faith / spirituality discussion?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Alexander, Apr 15, 2017.

Should NoFap have a forum section for faith / spirituality discussion?

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  1. I don't think there should be separate religion and spirituality section. Because religion is very sensitive topic. I think too sensitive for section to work, it would require very heavy moderation. I'm afraid that stuff would turn into same type of mess as a Religion & Spirituality section on Yahoo Answers (if you haven't used YA just quickly go and see that section in particular, it's a mess). There will just be trolls who will make fun of religious people cos they find it stupid that somebody would choose to believe a silly fairy tale, atheists and anti-theists who are being passively aggressive. As well as Christian (and other religious) fundamentalists and evangelists who shove their opinions into other people throats every chance they get. I see this right now happening in General Discussion forum too to a point. But if there would be devoted religion section it would just get encouraged so much more. I think it's better to just leave those discussions to group forums where contradicting beliefs would not clash and combust.
  2. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    your first statement treats 'science' like a religion as so many atheist do.
    your second is an unprovoked insult, why do you have to bring such anger and hostility into the discussion? it reminds me of the sjw who commit violence because, they claim they are trying to stop hate.
    Science has not given us a sense of right and wrong - religion and philosophy have. Scientific invention has in fact allowed man to kill on a scale never imagined in previous centuries, without moral guidance knowledge (like how to build a dirty bomb) can be dangerous.

    My religion is the same as the day it was invented? all relgion? so in your eyes there's no difference between pagans committing human sacrifice and say, the Amish?

    btw it is pretty much undisputed that 'science' or more accurately the scientific method, arose out of Christian theology- even your 'hero' richard dawkins thinks that..and of course, the university he where he has a chair was founded by the church, as most all the great universities in europe and many in america (*Harvard was a seminary, for example)
    of course you'll ignore all that and go on saying exactly what you were saying..
    Again I ask, why are you so angry, why the hatred?
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  3. Fap_Doc

    Fap_Doc Guest

    Well it would certainly make a much more peaceful religion than yours. Or any of the others for that matter. We don't need to go into what religion has brought to this world or do we? ISIS, the crusades, Hitler and the list is very very long.

    Science may have invented the methods by which weapons could be produced, but that has nothing to do with science itself. People kill people. Science doesn't.

    Do not mix religion with philosophy. Philosophy has and will always be strongly tied with science and most the great scientists who started new ideas did so based on their philosophical views and ideas (not religious). Philosophy needs science in order to advance and tackle new issues. Religion is a mere fantastic story and couldn't possibly tie itself with anything remotely rational, let alone science with its impeccable precision and isolation of parameters.

    "btw it is pretty much undisputed that 'science' or more accurately the scientific method, arose out of Christian theology"..what kind of paint thinner are you inhaling?

    Please stop being angry and hate every athiest walking the earth and leave Prof Richard Dawkins out of this. He's a distinguished human being higher in status than saints. Look at what you posted. You're always filled with anger and yet you accuse others of being angry and hateful. A projection of emotions at its best. Even your defense mechanisms are stupid.
  4. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    Christianity gave us;...the scientific method, universities, ending the slave trade, ending human sacrifice, hospitals, ending infanticide.
    Atheism brought about the murder of over 100 million people - including - an this no doubt pleases you , the murder of hundreds of thousands of Clergy in communist countries.
    Hitler?! really?

    nope Newton, Kepler, Faraday, Descartes, Pascal, Kelvin.. the list is every, very long.. the founder of modern genetics was a monk....most all, in their own words, motivated by their beliefs..

    Aquinas, Augustine, CS Lewis, Tolkien, Michelangelo...
    I could type out an exhaustive list but I'll just stop here and wonder how someone can be so completely shut to reality... but that is what fanatical, irrational belief of any kind usually does.

    hmm please demonstrate where I have shown anger. You on the other hand have made insult and disparaging remark after disparaging remark, even following me on other threads and posting one liners like this;

    ivanhoe said:

    good advice and i would add DO NOT FANTASIZE.. that can create a dopamine rush too.. really try to reset...

    then you said" "I don't believe in dopamine, it's not in the bible."

    so on another thread, where i was trying to help someone, you posted an insult. Again, why? why the anger? can you please answer this?

    The fact that you literally idealize Dawkins above saints is interesting, to say the least.
  5. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    BTW, anyone who actually takes the time to learn about about geopolitics, rather than just stamp an ideological one-fits-all answer on it (it's religion! the root of all evil!) knows that there are many complex and intertwining issues that are behind groups like ISIS. Again, if you had taken the time to learn, rather than simply label, you'd realize that ethnicity, nationalism, reactions to what is seen as outside, western intervention and imposition of foreign (Western) ideology all play a role.

    Simple question, please don't evade answering like you have done with, everything else.. do you think Palestine -Israel is a religious conflict?
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  6. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    hmm People kill people, Religion doesn't...
    Again you keep treating science as a religion.. very interesting.

    Can you please show me where I have said I hate every atheist walking the earth?
    Serious question, this is not meant to be an insult:
    Are you taking anti-depressants or regularly using cannabis?
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  7. Fap_Doc

    Fap_Doc Guest

    You've asked me this twice now. You obviously take these things. Do they help you?
  8. Fap_Doc

    Fap_Doc Guest

    Christianity gave us slaves. Yes Hitler was catholic. Or was he a bad catholic so he doesn't count?

    Those scientists were religious by name, everyone was or the church would have boiled them to death so they had no choice. The list of athiest scientists is much much longer.

    You're so angry you medicate with weed, anti-depressants and who knows what else no?
  9. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    this is so silly and irrational I really don't know where to begin. You honestly think Christianity is responsible for slavery? How old are you? Have you ever picked up a history book?
    Who led the abolitionist movement?
    Since Hitler was raised catholic therefore..what? Show me where his belief in Christianity resulted in his political ideology. More likely his idealogy came out of Nietzsche and Social Darwinism... hmm..

    You very obviously, don't know anything about those scientists. Kepler was devotedly religious as was Newton, who regularly mused on theology, and the others... they were not just passively born into it, i chose those names specifically because there is clear evidence they were devoutly religious. Again you didn't even bother to look up.

    I don't use cannabis nor antidepressants but you sound like you are on both.
  10. Fap_Doc

    Fap_Doc Guest

    Yes christianity did give us all those horrible things and hitler was christian. Just like all those people you listed who made great achievements to science. My questions to you are do you only count people as christian if they do good and when they're like hitler they don't count? Was it religion that got those people to make great discoveries and make great things or was it their knowledge in science and philosophy?

    Newton, Kepler etc became immortalized not due to their religious beliefs but due to their contribution to science. You're actually proving my point here without knowing it. Take away religion from Newton he'd still know all the mathematics and physics he did but take away those and all he'd be is..well you! LOL

    How old am I? Isn't it moronic when people resort to age to try to prove something?! I've read more books than you can count. I've been to medical school and grad school. I've been to two wars and speak 5 (soon 6) languages and I'm nowhere near your age.

    Marijuana and anti-depressants? We call those "loser drugs", but of course we don't say that to patients and happily prescribe the latter as that's protocol. I have access to a plethora of amazing MAN-MADE (using science) drugs including, but not limited to, Vicodin but I don't see a need for any of it. I do see a need for you to try a few things though. How old are you?
  11. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    Let's start with slavery. You're telling me Christianity is responsible for the existence of slavery, correct?
  12. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    that isn't the point. you claimed religion had nothing to do with science, it was clearly a motivation for a lot scientists and the basis of for the scientific method, even your hero, Richard Dawkins, admits this.

    You also can't seem to admit you made a completely ignorant statement about Kepler and all the other scientists I mentioned, you said, apparently knowing them more than they know themselves, that they just had a veneer of Christianity, that they were really irreligious. do you admit you were wrong?

    Again, can you show me where Hitler's christian beliefs resulted in his behavior, can you show me where his ideology arose out of his Christianity?

    I can show you were Christian belief motivated men to build hospitals, found universities, and yes, pursue scientific questions (Kepler and Newton for example sought to figure out God's handwriting on nature..

    Can I show you were men committed evil in the name of Christianity? Certainly. I can also show you were men committed evil in the name of equality, in the name of atheism (the murder of clergy and the destruction of churches in communist countries) , and in the name of of a whole lot of other things..

    when someone says something as uninformed as Christianity created slavery, or that Kepler and Newton were irreligious, I assume I am talking to a teenager who just finished his first richard dawkins book and is thrilled he 'knows everything'.
  13. Fap_Doc

    Fap_Doc Guest

    Not once did I mention Dawkins, It sounds like you have a crush on him bro. Good for you.

    You keep proving my point. Religion played NO role on the advancement of science and technology and hence civilizations and the world as we know it. Some scientists were religious, most weren't. Their religion made no difference. If you can show me how religion makes one brilliant, you have a point, but you can't.

    Hitler was christian. End of story. You mentioned names of people who happened to be scientists and religious. Newton is most famously known for his contributions to the gravitational theory. That had nothing to do with religion. If he picked his nose and wondered about god at the same time, I don't see how that proves anything.
  14. Fap_Doc

    Fap_Doc Guest

    02ddbeee06e0c803e2ebd3259854ecc0.jpg c078977c08cc1259ea27392009381dfd.jpg Here's your boyfriend

    hitler-on-christianity.jpg and my favorite.
  15. Fap_Doc

    Fap_Doc Guest

  16. IggyIshness

    IggyIshness Fapstronaut

    I thought they were the one calling woman witches and burning them on a fire?

    whoever said religion played a role on the advancement of science and technology is a fucking idiot..
  17. kropo82

    kropo82 Fapstronaut

    Back to the original question. I'm an athiest but I think it's a great idea. There's a lot of spirituality already in the main threads because prayer and other aspects of a religious life forms such a large part of many members journey towards a porn free life. It makes sence that those specific aspects could be discussed in detail in a Religion and Spirituality area. They'd still come up in journal threads etc. but people could really dive deep in a dedicated area.
  18. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    From your signature "I'm 14 years"
    That is not surprising...
    Source: From How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Dr. Thomas Woods, page 94 and following:

    "Roger Bacon, a Franciscan who taught at Oxford, was admired for his work in mathematics and optics, and is considered to be a forerunner of modern scientific method."

    "Like Roger Bacon, Saint Albert [the Great] was careful to note the importance of direct observation in the acquisition of knowledge about the physical world. In De Mineralibus, he explained that the aim of natural science was 'not simply to accept the statements of others, that is, what is narrated by people, but to investigate the causes that are at work in nature for themselves.'"

    ...and laws of evidence.

    Source: From How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Dr. Thomas Woods, page 187 and following:

    “...Cases like this have led legal scholar Harold Berman to observe that modern Western legal systems „are a secular residue of religious attitudes and assumptions which historically found expression first in the liturgy and rituals and doctrines of the church and thereafter in the institutions and concepts and values of the law...‟" (Berman‟s work: Law and Revolution: The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition)

    Roger Bacon
    Roger Bacon was inspired by the writings of Grosseteste. In his account of a method, Bacon described a repeating cycle of observation, hypothesis, experimentation, and the need for independent verification. He recorded the way he had conducted his experiments in precise detail, perhaps with the idea that others could reproduce and independently test his results.

    About 1256 he joined the Franciscan Order and became subject to the Franciscan statute forbidding Friars from publishing books or pamphlets without specific approval. After the accession of Pope Clement IV in 1265, the Pope granted Bacon a special commission to write to him on scientific matters. In eighteen months he completed three large treatises, the Opus Majus, Opus Minus, and Opus Tertium which he sent to the Pope.[45] William Whewell has called Opus Majus at once the Encyclopaedia and Organon of the 13th century.[46]

    • Part I (pp. 1–22) treats of the four causes of error: authority, custom, the opinion of the unskilled many, and the concealment of real ignorance by a pretense of knowledge.
    • Part VI (pp. 445–477) treats of experimental science, domina omnium scientiarum. There are two methods of knowledge: the one by argument, the other by experience. Mere argument is never sufficient; it may decide a question, but gives no satisfaction or certainty to the mind, which can only be convinced by immediate inspection or intuition, which is what experience gives.
    • Experimental science, which in the Opus Tertium (p. 46) is distinguished from the speculative sciences and the operative arts, is said to have three great prerogatives over all sciences:
      1. It verifies their conclusions by direct experiment;
      2. It discovers truths which they could never reach;
      3. It investigates the secrets of nature, and opens to us a knowledge of past and future.
    • Roger Bacon illustrated his method by an investigation into the nature and cause of the rainbow, as a specimen of inductive research.[47]

    Now, can you 'rational' guys do something other than name call and make silly accusations?
  19. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    You seem awfully found of posting slogans by him that, curiously enough, provide no evidence to counter anything I said.... they're just slogans...
    Can you please answer this question:

  20. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    no, not end of story, I have asked you to provide evidence that his idealogy and actions were based on Christian thought. They are much more likely based on Social Darwinism and Nietzsche as posted above...

    But we KNOW that the hundreds of thousands of clergy, and many more peasants killed by atheist communists was DIRECTLY motivated by their atheism. Therefore, according to the logic above (Hitler = Christian, Christian = Bad) atheists are just as evil...
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