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    Hi my name is Duncan I am 24 years old. I started watching pornography and doing drugs like cannabis and alcohol at around age 15. By the age of 16 I was kicked out of home and school and working full time and renting a studio unit. The work was tough and all addictions had mounted and gone into complete oblivion also abusing solvents to the point of inhale petrol from the quad bikes on the way to get the cows in at work as I've worked in agriculture most of my work life. I was in severe suicidal depression. Luckily I was whisked away to a home with my cousin an older male who sympathised with me. I continued down the path of alcohol and drugs which lead to petty crimes that in some places in the world could've got me killed or in prison, of which I've had a few nights in to show me what it's like.

    By this time I had had many encounters with death driven by my obsession with the escapism of drugs. I had taken magic mushrooms which really scared me, they made me feel fully retarded and discombobulated. I think that helish experience was enough to spur me on to some changes. Eventually I built bridges with my family, for back into school around the age of 18, and with a desire to change I went from completely failing and getting expelled, to being a successful student with great marks in my grade. I did this with the drive to never go back to that horrible place. I took the opportunity to go to university on a three month preparation course, it was for early advancement. I passed, but at this point I still had a relationship with alcohol that would spiral way out of control, and after a 2 year period of sobriety from cannabis, I tried it again, and again in my life drugs took a hold. I experienced loneliness, lots of low vibrational emotions. I was farming again because I decided university was too expensive and had limited career aspects for me. I went back to the farm work I knew. Alcohol now, crippled me, I was sick, dying of alcoholism but I didn't want to know it, although my body's deterioration was impossible to ignore, the bloody stools, the three day hangovers, the unrelenting thirst for booze. I later managed a year sober from drinking because of just how close to killing me I felt it was. I slipped off this because I was bullied by that same family member that had uplifted me, I fell into drinking again. Lots of jobs had fallen through by this stage, I had experienced homelessness, financial hardship. I am now 77 days clean from drinking and want to stop the cannabis. I've been doing this stint of sobriety from drinking with the support of alcoholics anonymous. I am also wanting to stop using cannabis and porn as a crutch aswell. I want to be a better person and not hold on to pain and hurt, and intern hurt others and those I love. I didn't experience a biological father at a young age and it kinda messed with me. Luckily I've been blessed to have a step father marry my mum now 18 years ago. Without him to teach me what it is to be a man I don't know where I would be. I'm so grateful for them. I'd love for anyone who related to this to please share something about themselves and maybe some words of support. Love to you all.
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    This will help you a lot, watch this and say goodbye to urges forever


    But however urges are sometimes attacking even if you are focused on something else, when i got rid of those 1% foods which increases urges and started enjoying 99% other beautiful foods it became so much easyer for me ^_^

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