Pooping in public toilets methods.

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When taking a poo in a public toilet do you:

  1. Put paper down onto the toilet seat and proceed

  2. Put nothing down onto the toilet seat except your bare bottom

  3. Squat inches off the toilet seat

  4. Stand and hope for the best

  5. Just pretend, flush, hold on and then do it at home

  6. Other

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  1. JethroTull

    JethroTull Fapstronaut

    Sorry for the juvenile poll. I'm genuinely interested. We are doing Gastroenterology in medicine at the moment and the discussion came up. I was wondering what you all do!

    When you do a poo in a public toilet what do you do?

    Also please let me know if there are other methods!
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  2. I don't poo... ever. I mean in a public toilet. But if I would HAVE to I would get my feet on the toilet seat and squat down until the bottom of my butt is at my feet level, with my knees almost touching my chest. Ya know, like a natural resting position. Is that's what you mean't by "Squat inches off the toilet seat"? Or did you mean squat while standing on a floor?

    Anyhow, I also do this position at home. I feel if my fiber is low that day I don't have to squeeze as much and I feel I just generally end up more internally clean like this. Plus it's just generally more comfortable. And my butt is always clean too. If I sit in a normal position sometimes my glutes gets dirty, cos they are squeezing together too much, and I have to take a shower. This never happens in that position.

    You asked for TMI. So I am giving it all to you. The whole load. Here, choke on it.

    Ok... Bye...
  3. BuddhaPunkRobotMonk

    BuddhaPunkRobotMonk Community Manager
    Staff Member

    Toilet paper cover man, that's the way to go. But only in developed countries. In Tanzania, the use pit toilets everywhere so you don't have to worry about putting your butt where someone else's butt was (though you do have to be careful not to step in or get your pants soiled with the turds laying around when people miss). But then again Tanzania didn't really have public toilets. They had "toilets for hire" in shady back alleys that looked like the kind of place you'd get a knife in your back while you were taking a dump lol. So I always went in my apartment or the university I took classes in and if I had to take a dump while out on the streets, I just held it.
  4. Brasileiro

    Brasileiro Fapstronaut

    I do it with my bare butt in college and home, and other people`s houses but except that, i use the paper...
  5. Ikindaknew

    Ikindaknew Fapstronaut

    Toilet paper shielding method. If the seat was covered in pee or other gross stuff, I just keep it in!
  6. Kennen

    Kennen Fapstronaut

    What if...
    Toilet paper is unavailable, what will you do?

    :D :D
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  7. JethroTull

    JethroTull Fapstronaut

    Guys thanks for all of your wonderfully amazing responses!! Great points raised by everyone!! To be honest I never knew there were that many bare-butters. Excellent to know you walk among us! No judgements.

    Also Shugi I'm so trying that method.

    And if there's no toilet paper, it's not so much the sitting that I'm worried about...it's the cleaning up.

    In other news, socks have more than one use.
  8. owler

    owler Fapstronaut

    My employer offers a sanitizer mounted in each stall that can be sprayed onto a wad of tp and used to wipe the toilet seat clean.

    If that's not available, i use the tp covering method. In the event that the john is overly disgusting, i avoid it all together.
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  9. Ikindaknew

    Ikindaknew Fapstronaut

    I would seek the closest poison ivy plant to harvest leaves to wipe.....
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  10. Kennen

    Kennen Fapstronaut

    Actually, it's very common here...
    I rarely see a toilet paper here.
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  11. Confession time... I never... ever... ever... use toilet seat covers.
  12. Dizzy Lotus

    Dizzy Lotus Fapstronaut

    I just sit, always. I'm not used to peeing standing up. I wipe the seat dry before.
  13. I always use toilet paper... Even at home lol I don't play
    When I went to Ethiopia for like 3 years there weren't a lot of places that had toilets, your toilet was a squat toilet aka a big hole on the ground. Your aiming skills had to be on point..
  14. i would use the paper shielding method too, but always keep in mind that if a public toilet is cleaned at least once a day there there are probably less grems on it than on your own mobile phone, ATM machines, stair banisters,tv remote control, office keyboard, door handles etc,

    germs are "more" prevalent in the places you "least" expect!

    so unless you have an open cut on your ass cheeks or you can some how feed yourself with your ass cheeks there will probably be less chance of being infected with anything as opposed to using a door handle, think about that when your opening the door of a very busy city fastfood resturant, it is probably less clean than your average toilet!

    but because you have food on your mind and the handle is a silver or metallic clean looking surface its probably rotten with germs, five mins later your muching on a burger with unwashed hands!!
  15. As a professional housekeeper for years, I can attest to the truth of this statement. Beware of hotel remotes and door knobs! :eek::confused:
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