Poor sleep is killing my streaks, how do I fix?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by DrRobotronic, Oct 4, 2016.

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    Whenever I'm overtired or unable to sleep, that's when I find I'm most prone to relapse, and lately I've found it very difficult to sleep. I'm writing this, and it's 2:30am after a relapse. I was tossing and turning and eventually had to get out of bed to get something to eat since I was so hungry. I ended up browsing the internet while eating and considering how late it was I'm not even surprised I relapsed.

    I'm wondering how I can start improving my sleep, even just a little. I think it'd help a lot, not just with NoFap but just in general giving me more energy and focus. I'm keeping this short so I can head to bed now but I'll try and answer any questions if people have them later/
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    I feel you on that one DrRobotronic. I'm having the same problem but I know why I'm up late. I wanted to learn how to or improve my swimming strokes. The only classes are at 7pm at night and I end about 8:30 or 9pm. This is way to late for me to be exercising and expect to fall a sleep. This is the last week and I can practice what I learned at 11am to 1pm. If I so choose.

    Overall I would take an inventory. What's your work schedule? Student? When do you exercise? What's food do you eat? Are you taking drugs, alcohol, and/or any medications? Do you sleep alone? Any mental health problems? Look over everything in your life. Leave no stone unturned.

    Best answer to a lot these question is to get a steady work schedule. If you don't have one. It's unlike your sleep schedule will every be on track. Just isn't possible. Same with being a student. If you want to go to bed at 9pm thru 11pm. I think most Doctors recommend no working out after 3:30 pm. It just raises your heart rate up to high to go to bed. At the same time exercise is important to help one feel tired at the end of the day. Food, can keep some people up. Watch sugar and caffeine. If your using drugs or alcohol then that of course will affect sleep. Alcohol is small amounts actually causes a stimulating affect.

    It's taken me years to get a sleep schedule. When stopped smoking I nailed it. I balanced everything out. I was scared if I didn't fall a sleep I would smoke again. I exercised in the morning and just stayed calm. I do take medications for Mental Health and they do help. I discovered that if I take them at 8pm to 9pm. It has the best affect on my sleep. Earlier or later forget it. Also going to bed at one time every night is helpful. I nailed 10pm fairly close. I give some slack cause you don't want to stress at the time your trying to sleep.

    Melatonin is an over the counter medication. Some people take it to help them sleep. My doctor said their wasn't any side affects but I felt weird when I took it. So I don't know. Talk to your Doctor before taking any medications.

    That's my experience with sleep. It takes time to find the rhythm. Life happens and it can screw up my sleep schedule...grrr. I love sleep. If it gets to be to problematic do go see your doctor. My Aunt did the sleep clinic deal and it helped her out. So it can sometimes be a more serious condition.
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    The first thing would be a to create a sleep schedule and stick to it. Have a set time for waking up and a set time for going to bed.

    I will also do my best to not watch any tv or use my phone an hour before bed. You can also take a natural sleep aid before bed like melatonin.
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