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    I’ve been watching shemale porn since I was 12 and one time I ended up masturbating to a gay fantasy about my friend and I felt so disgusted after. Most of the porn I watch is she male porn some straight porn and I watch gay porn to check to see if I get aroused so I can know if I’m gay or not and I never get aroused but it still freaks me out and I don’t know what to do
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    Stop porn straight away before the gay fantasies consume you. No matter how deep you go into this shit, it’s always curable but you’d rather stop now than wait for it to attack you.
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    Coming from a guy who started watching porn since 13, I know it is quite a battle to stop this addiction. If it is as bad as you say it is, I would take steps as it helped me. First start with not watching porn but still jacking off to imagination, maybe about a week. After that then try to not masturbate, I know it will be tough the first couple days but it gets easier. Try to get active too to stay active too, meditation and reading at night before bed is helpful too to decrease the odds of sexual practices at night. Goodluck brotha on this, I'm proud of you for trying to stop and realizing you have a problem.

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