Pornhub seeks to normalize their image with wholesome ad

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Awedouble, Dec 17, 2019.

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    That literally looks like a SNL skit.

    is that real? If so , that’s insane
    Our society is jacked up......


    Reinforcing that porn will “always be there for you”

    Sick and Sad

    where is this ad played ?

    Showing all these images of butterflies and rainbows and genuine human interaction.

    While promoting one of the most dangerous and damaging “drugs” out there.
  3. deepspace

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    "Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny."
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    Dude, what the hell?
    Im seeing people doing their bed, painting the wall, partying and at the end "pornhub"
  5. Awedouble

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    One guy on Nofap Reddit had the ad pop up on YouTube. At the end it shows it was a Thanksgiving Day special for a lifetime membership, 1 day only.
  6. engelman

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    Wow! It's amazingly great! (ironically speaking)

    As @Luvspin68 said ... it's pure and simple brainwashing.

    I like when they say "the premium membership that lasts forever" ... we all know what they meant with that "forever".

    Thanks for sharing @Awedouble
  7. Overforme

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  8. "All the scenes leading up to the life plan are what COULD happen if you don't purchase it" someone from the comment section.
    I can't believe that. They make videos like f*cking Abstergo Company!
  9. Indurian

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  10. Omfg! Anyone else see/hear all the subliminal messages throughout as well? If that is real, that's horrific.
  11. Wow, that's insane. You will never think its a porn site ad in the first minute. Need to get rid of this industry as fast as i can.
  12. It's got to be a bad fucking joke! How is this even legal!?

    But hey, 2 days ago I saw huge billboards by the road advertising a Dorcel sexshop.

    And 1 month ago an acquaintance proudly told me how her and her husband were invited at an "art event" organized and sponsored by a huge porn holding company trying to buy affluent people's opinion.

    We're entering a new era.
  13. Mistersofty

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    I’ve been on the pornhub life plan for years. It’s the gift that keeps on taking.
  14. Crudely stated, straight to the point, but I have to agree.

    This pornification of society is utterly ridiculous. We're headed to something worse than what I remember in the book "Brave New World".

    There was a guy on this site that was a elementary school administrator and told of the crazy sexual stuff kids at his school were caught performing. Porn is a huge part of that. Porn is also a huge part of many divorces, father's getting incestuous ideas in their head and carrying them out with devastating affects, and people become utterly useless as they spend hours a day hiding in their rooms glued to their computers/phones/pads/etc.

    We all have to become better people and rise above. Don't give into the new mainstream.
  15. Well to bo honest. We are shocked to see this cause we got damaged already by the drug. But advertisement is always about lies and fake. It starts with health and beauty products. They take the fear of people about getting old, getting bad skin, ...

    Beer ads are the next thing. There are some german brands who use moments at the beach or at the lake.

    There are so many ads with porn in it, just to catch your eye. Craftsman use nudity for advertisement.

    Since I watched TV or other ads the first time, there are so many ads who are just lying. Ads use images or facts that don't have to do anything with their products.

    This is the point for me. There should be much more regulations about any types of ads.

    Therefore I would say pornhub just does what every company does to earn money.
  16. How is it not against Youtube's terms of use anyway. Nobody flagged it?
  17. Dizzy Lotus

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    This is very strange. [​IMG]
    But there's something else strange. [​IMG]
    Why would it be?... Because of the fruits? [​IMG]
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    Not long ago I saw a documentary by a french directory about how pornhub is another shady conglomerate (shocking right) that has thrived on piracy and actually making active efforts to play on all the science of addiction. Wish I could tell you guys what it was, but I'm not going to start down the rabbit hole because I don't want to risk a trigger.
  19. Dizzy Lotus

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