Pornography used as control tool?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Powerous, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Powerous

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    What are your guys thoughts on Pornography being used as a control tool by the elite (so called powers that be, illuminati, freemasons, satanists, NWO, whatever you wanna call it)

    I came across some videos on youtube explaining how porn industry is being utilised to brainwash the masses especially the youth, making them addicted, masturbating to porn constantly and becoming weaker minded as a result.

    Personally I see some truth to this especially with the fact that so many young people are addicted to this monster and find it so hard to quit.
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  2. Nouvel Homme

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    I am concerned that there are plans to reduce men's testosterone, either to make us easier to control or for 'gender equality'. But would they necessarily use porn when there are pesticides and plastics that imitate female hormones?
  3. Headspace

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    I don't believe in such powers. The problem with any sort of conspiracy theory is that you seek somebody who is guilty for your suffering, while in reality nobody else is contributing more to the problem than you did yourself. It's the people who are fueling the porn industry by demanding it, whenenver they visit a porn website. It's simple market dynamics. The advent of porn is related to the rise of technology and sexual liberation. We are now experiencing the side-effects and we can only hope that the situation will become better in a few decades. Non-backwards-oriented resistance is forming - this website is the living example.

    That still doesn't mean there's some evil outer force intentionally and consciously aiming to make us its slaves.
  4. Buddhabro

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    Could be what you said is true, but it's likely just another perversion of the truth.
    There are many people who (knowingly or not) want to keep you down and subservient to their wishes.
    Don't give up your power.
  5. Agoodguy

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    I think that it is being used as a control tool. Porn is illegal and related to organized crime and other illegal activity. In the world that we live in where tech companies and other governmental agencies can track any and all types of illegal activity and can do something about it yet porn is becoming increasingly accessible especially for younger people, says something. Obviously the powers that be that can do something about porn being easily accessible and can stop illegal porn activity and pornography's relationship with other illegal activity, aren't doing anything because they want people to become addicted. You're telling me that agencies like the CIA for example that can basically track any illegal activity, can't stop illegal porn activity or illegal porn related activity?
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  6. You are wrong @aarondf. The vast majority of porn is legal.
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  7. Agoodguy

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    Well in my country, porn is illegal. Even if it's legal (even though it shouldn't be) porn in many instances fuels and funds organized crime.
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  8. Well, I cannot confirm or deny your claim because data is not available for the West Indies. It is illegal in nearby Cuba and I could only find this about Jamaica in the Caribbean:

    Pornography is legal in Jamaica for adults over 18. But age verifications for buying porn or any sex-related products are relatively lax.
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  10. Powerous

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    Thanks for the thoughts guys interesting points, I still believe there is a battle between forces of good and evil in this world and at the moment its obvious to see that the forces of evil have an upper hand. Not gonna get into eschatology but I believe there is a divine creator of the universe, whatever name people have for it and this creator wants all of us to live with joy and love within us all, and it is our job to purify ourselves mentally and spiritually removing anything toxic from our bodies. We are more powerful than the system wants us to believe, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

    ''You are the Universe experiencing itself'' - Alan Watts
  11. ACupOfMugs

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    My country is green, what a shame.

    Porn Industry has its long-term business strategy. When the Playboy was founded it was a lifestyle magazine, "bunnies" from that period wouldn't be considered porn nowadays. And Playboy got more and more sex, gently pushing the line forward. Society was made used to soft-porn, so people desired hard-porn.

    VOD services developed quicker due to P industry.

    I'd advice you to read "Pornland". Great book.
  12. Themadfapper

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    If you are just talking about porn addiction that is one thing. However, even with just porn if you lived in an ancient tribal setting porn would not be an issue. This sex obsessed society that poisons our minds in music, television, education [ public school system] movies, etc, and of course the porn industry have contributed to your porn addiction. As for other things like starvation, some child born in starving African nations is starving, not due to anything he has done or not done. Our crap quality food and all the poisons that are put in them are not our faults we were born into this system and most aren't' even aware that much of anything is wrong. If poisons in the air or water made me mentally ill or physically sick this is not my fault.

    I doubt if any conspiracy theory has it nailed down, and I certainly think many things are the fault of people and their immorality and stupidity, but to think that there are not forces seeking to control and dominate others and the entire world is??? I don't know how you could think there are not? It's not a new concept and with technology, and people no longer really having any bonds trust unity, mass education, mass farming, people no longer being independent and able to take care of themselves without outside assistance. The modern world is very vulnerable, and it's not a stretch to think that it was intentionally pushed in this direction.

    Anyone can see the people of this society don't make the decisions. Homosexuality was not in 40 years ago and it wasn't the majority that made people accepting of it. If this was 40 years ago most of you would be very anti-gay. 40 years ago most of you would be very anti-immigration. Who pushed these changes? Largely irrelevant to what I'm saying is whether they are good or bad changes, just simply that someone/thing made these changes. Possibly these people in control have been in control for a long time, and who knows what has been done to humanity over the last couple hundred years.
  13. Headspace

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    The phrase you marked in my post was may be not thought out very well. Of course society is playing a major role here, but I'm a part of this society. It's not like it's "me vs. society" all the time. It's too easy to blame the others for, say, their lack of empathy, when you should ask yourself if you are really acting that differently towards people, and so on. Anyway, retrospectively I admit that my post was very generalizing and that it should may be directed to consumer society.

    There certainly are forces seeking control and domination. But I don't believe that they are able to achieve this control in the exact same way that they are consciously aiming to. ("Consciously" is the key word here.) I just believe that both the human psyche and the world are more complex than this. I just don't believe that anybody has a mind both evil and superior enough to predict the exact way everyone behaves. For example, look at ISIS. For an outside observer it's easy to tell they are not really caring about what the teachings of Quran could actually mean: They are not acting according to the teachings, but they are acting according to their aggression and using certain teachings to justify it later on. But are they aware of this difference? I don't think so. Or look at Erdogan: He is becoming a dictator according to the book right now. Yes, he is manipulating the weaker minded, uneducated or simply uninformed. But is he aware of his own brainwashing and manipulation? He has to be brainwashed in a way, too, doesn't he? Isn't he a victim of the circumstances, too? Moreover, politicians always only have the power people give to them. If no one was to give him power, he would just be a human being like everyone else. You can't seperate the politicians from the people. If there is no people, there is also no politician.

    You could also say that I believe evil comes from unawareness in a way, and that an evil mind can't be that superior because of that.

    I admit that my above post was may be written more from a moral than from a factual viewpoint, though. But nevertheless: If you look at where conspiracy theories come from, it's usually this sort of paranoid schizophrenia (or a milder tendency towards this). Due to psychic inflation, these people see connections where there are none, and it turns out that the demons they are seeing in the outer world are their own. You can tell it due to the way these people argue.

    And to clarify my perspective: I don't want to blame starving children in Africa for their hunger. I want to blame myself. Of course feelings of guilt don't lead anywhere - you could say that by "blaming" I just mean not assuming that the evil forces are only outside of yourself.
  14. Estus

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    Pornography is the opium of the masses.
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  15. LavaMe

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    I believe in malevolent forces. I believe man has a desire to control others and will use whatever tool he can to achieve that end. But I also believe a soft, undisciplined culture is going to seek out excess entertainment and not be reflective on the cost of their hedonistic lifestyle. It is a pattern that repeats itself. Regardless, we want to avoid the majority opinion and practice when it is wrong.

    Also, no matter what I know porn controls me and not me porn. So if I want to be free and not enslaved I have to avoid it.

    No, that is voting. Or maybe it is both and more.
  16. phwrancesco

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    don't blame anybody but you man.
  17. JesusGreen

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    Can we please stop using these terms already?

    The Freemasons are a (predominantly Christian) religious organisation that anyone can join. There are over a million freemasons in the US alone, and more in every country. They're not some shady organisation that controls the world. The only real "secrets" you get from reaching higher ranks are a few special handshakes and gestures. While Freemasonry used to be about discovering the self and spiritual transformation, many modern Masons just join because they like the idea of calling themselves a Freemason. They never read the Masonic books or journals, or do anything the least bit spiritual, and simply see it as a country club to meet other old folks like themselves and eat food and make friends.

    The Illuminati literally means "The Enlightened Ones" so is about the worst name you can give to someone you think is a group of shady puppet-masters running the world. They're either good or they're bad. If they're bad, quit calling them enlightened and giving them so much credit!

    Most Satanists do not believe in Satan, and are simply teenage and young adult atheists who see Satan as a symbol of rebellion. Even theistic Satanists have never done much besides do a few rituals and look edgy. You're more likely to find aforementioned edgy teens than anyone with any semblance of control over the world ;)

    The idea of the NWO is that there is a worldwide organisation designed to handle global politics, an order comprising of multiple nation states working together for global governance. It exists, it's called the United Nations, and its main goal is preserving peace and preventing another great war like World War 2. It's main complaint is not that it's some shady group of people controlling the world.. no, the real issue with the UN is that it's trying to do something good, but it's pretty ineffective at doing it. (Numerous genocides that it tried and failed to prevent, etc)

    You know who's really behind the porn industry? You know who stands to benefit more from it than any other person on the globe? You. (I mean this in a general sense, as in everyone consuming porn, not you specifically)

    The porn industry like any other entertainment industry is there to satisfy a need. All humans have a sex drive, and all humans like to get off, sometimes with others, and sometimes alone. Porn helps with the latter.

    Porn has existed since the earliest recorded history in some shape or form. What has changed is not the introduction of porn. No, porn will always exist as long as there are people with sex drives. What has changed is the porn industry has boomed into a multi billion dollar industry.

    How did that happen? Well, who did I say was to blame again? You.

    The majority of porn income comes from advertisements played alongside porn videos. Those adverts generate money every time porn is watched and those adverts get a chance to be seen or played. Every time you watch porn, the industry makes money.

    The more people viewing porn, and the more money they make, the more incentive they have to grow and keep doing what they're doing. Supply and demand. You're demanding porn out the ass, so of course they're going to provide it.

    If you're worried about the porn industry, and you're worried about the effect it has on people, then there is only one thing you can do about it.

    Vote the one way you can. Choose not to watch it and give any ad revenue to the porn industry. Choose not to inflate those video view counts, telling them that more people are watching and that they should keep watching more.

    As long as you keep demanding porn. The supply will never end.
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  18. NZT 48

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    Basically hit a nail on the head. Going forward we need to find ways to shift our culture away from porn viewing, drug taking, cigarette smoking, junk food eating. This whole concept of YOLO and just 'enjoy' is why we as a society have not progressed as much as our predecessors.
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