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  1. I just wanted to share a positive report and some of the things that has been working well.

    I'm on a hard mode streak which is something I have not done since 2 yrs ago.

    I find that doing no PMO and going completely celibate are much different.

    In this approach, I avoid all sexual thoughts completely and I am not entertaining any sexual ideas, and as a result, there is a new old-familiar feeling present.

    This feeling is something hard to describe. It's like a feeling of inner power. Like a silent power. It comes out in social interactions. It draws the attention of people - but the little needy me that used to want to pursue every person is not there as much.

    I have a new theory. What we essentially are is joy itself. When we stop exploiting and filtering our lasting joy through our sexual senses (and other senses) we start to experience the RAW joy from within which is an ongoing experience.

    This joy is present even through hardship. Meaning even if let's say we have to get up early and go to work and we really don't like to - there is a sense of sacredness and joy with me. I should also mention I am now living like a monk. Meditating many hours per day and eating mostly vegan and only 2 meals.

    I can sense my energy is raising, there is a new level of acceptance of the hardships in my life and with the acceptance, there is a sense of joy for no reason.

    Many things I want are not in place yet but there is a new sense of all-is-well present.

    What has been super helpful t me

    1. Vegetarian diet - 2 meals
    2. Meditation 3 times per day (morning, afternoon, evening)
    3. 15 min yoga every morning + hitting the weights/cardio 4-5x daily
    4. Waking up early
    5. Accountability group with @artifact and the reset of the crew in the AP forum
    6. coming to this forum and answering questions
    7. reading the book on brahmacharya
    8. Avoiding all movies and entertainment
    9. Limiting facebook to bare minimum only to visit comments on my posts (rather than visiting the time line)
    10. Living close to family

    PS. I still have many unpleasant emotions - some days depressed, some days lonely, some days hopeless, some days happy, some days excited. The difference is I am able to accept the depressed emotions for what it is and I am not getting depressed about being depressed. and I'm still able to continue with my daily disciplines regardless of the emotions most of the time so far.
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    Some great ideas and thanks for the tips.
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    Nice to hear the positives. I get flashes of the joy you speak about and look forward to more!
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    I know exactly what you're talking about. The inner energy is overwhelming, it feels limitless. When something bad happens, I still feel fine all the time. And like you said, I still feel negative emotions but they're under control. I can accept them and not feel bad about them. I can also accept that shit happens, and when it does it won't get me down. It's crazy, the joy we're feeling is very different from the physical pleasure masturbation brings. It's much greater and meaningful. It feels like my mind is free from the grip PMO had on it. The whole matter is so clear now, and there's never going back.
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    Great benefits buddy, I respect the fact that you continue with your daily disciplines regardless of how you feel
    Way to go!
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    oh man.....I am so happy to read about your post! I want to be able to have that kind of discipline!!!
  7. Thanks bro - I am not perfect in any way and it is a constant effort and continual set backs and learning but certain things like meditation are non negotiable.

    I have been addicted to drugs, porn and had zero self-discipline. Trust me when I say any one can do this!

    I am not normally disciplined I take a 10 day course called vipassana each year for spiritual purposes, but it also helps me with developing self discipline - you can look in to it as they are freely available worldwide
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    dude...one of my AP from paris went through that, man! I want to do that as well!!!
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  9. This story shows the real struggle...congrats man ;)
  10. Hi great post. I was confused by your initial sentence here. By 'doing no PMO', do you mean having sex but not watching porn and masturbating?

    And another thing, this is very important. That familiar silent inner bliss feeling... does that only come to you when you are celibate, or does it come when you are in relationship having sex but not doing pmo, or does it only come when doing brahmacharya

    @RightEffort would love to know your thoughts, thank you!
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  11. hey bro , great question. I don't really remember, I have been never been able to keep the bliss too long in a relationship, but it is because i got into ejaculating too much after a while (a year or so) but I would say during the first 6months I feel i had both.

    This is crazy may be thats why part of me feels afraid of getting in to relationships because I feel i may lose the bliss. but i realize this can not be true, I know many saints who were married, but may not be super sexual.

    I realize as this bliss over takes our lives, the sensuality becomes less of an important thing. Like when you have a floor heating system in your house keeping you warm, you don't really need a little electric heater, you are warm always. Kind of the feeling I can describe.

    But nothing wrong with sex, I just feel it changes its entire meaning, when one is in in love in god and shares this than when one feels alone ans is seeking sex to fill the inner void and sense of lack.
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  12. i understand that, but I don't think you should be afraid once you watch this documentary. Bro, I have watched your youtube channel and I know you are a seeker. Please watch the documentary called 'Sex- the secret gate to eden'. I hope it brings clarity for you. You can look it up on youtube or go to my profile and the link is there

    Ya its a big difference. Sadly, Im usually only seeking sex for the second reason. I hope we can get in a state where we do it for the first reason not from a sense of trying to fill the void

    Btw, this is sort of random but I found this video also really calming and having lots of wisdom. Just sharing it since I know you are on a high level of consciousness. All the best man
    The Best Unintentional ASMR voice EVER re-edited to help you sleep in seconds | John Butler ASMR - YouTube
  13. hey bro thank you so much for your responese and share.

    I am being reminded why I love this forum so much - its the humility and love of the community like this, how you are able to be so transparent and honest saying "sadly I'm only seeking sex for the second reason." and your genuine hope for attaining the first.

    I feel so much goodness when I read that I know the intention for wanting to do the 1st it self is bringing about a transformation in our consciousness to do so.

    I feel humility and willingness and genune desire for higher expressions of life and genuine self honestly are the keys to success on this path and from your share I can see those qualities being bestowed in you by Grace.

    I will check out those documentary :)
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  14. bro you are awesome:) You are a good guy, wish there were more of em like you!
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