Possible Sexual Harassment Scenario

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    Hey guys. So we know that we need to allow our sexual energy to be diverted from PMO to more creative pursuits and forming more positive social relationships. I've recently have been talking to more women appropriately (asking what street I'm looking for is, making small talk with baristas, etc...). But I know some people have made the effort to go up to girls they find attractive and start conversation beginning with "Hey, I think you're really cute."

    Another possible way I thought of transmuting sexual energy isn't as appropriate and I want to ask your opinion whether this is going too far or not. Let's say you see a women with a a really nice rack that is accentuated by a tight shirt that makes you really turned-on. You go up to talk to her for a bit, but you tell her "Hey, I really like your shirt, it looks great on you" even though the shirt is a single color and has no logos or labels on. Most girls would clearly realize he's talking about her breasts.

    So, is this going too far? Let me know (haven't done it yet and my moral compass in leaning towards no).
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  2. No, I would not comment to a stranger about her appearance, and especially if I felt aroused in my body. Smiles can proceed to hellos, to other courtesies. When I was single, I had a rule: I did not chase women. If the woman did not return a smile, then it ended there. I am engaged now, and the same courtesy of smiling displays my humanity for all. :)
  3. Why do you have to compliment her?
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    Dude, if you want to open a girl it doesn't matter what you say from the beginning, It's how good eye contact do you do, how powerful breaking rapport is your voice, and what are the free emotions that you are bringing to her, because always on the beginning you are going to talk like to a wall

    Another thing, dude OWN your sexuality, girls DO LIKE SEX TOO. All the time.

    Depends of the vibe...If you say that like a creepy beta male tone, of course, she will freak out because it exists the beta male shaming.
    However, if you say that with the player asshole tone she will laugh and it will start growing the sexual hook point
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    "Open a girl" ... "beta male tone" ... "sexual hook point" ... "player asshole tone" ... more pick-up artist BS. Go back to reading your highlighted copy of The Game. Or better yet, pick up Strauss' follow-up book The Truth if you'd like to learn about how that PUA stuff nearly destroyed his ability to have a meaningful relationship.

    If you want to approach an attractive woman, @kwilbz95, just go up and say hi.
  6. I totally agree with superfan. Forget about all that alpha male bullshit. Just be humble and laid back and you'll find yourself connecting with all sorts of people, male or female.
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    Simply for self-gratification. This isn't a good argument but basically it's sexual energy that's not being put into PMO.
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  8. theManinBlack_1882

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    I appreciate your candor and direct answer.
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  10. Carry a handkerchief and a canister of tear gas... Secretly release the gas in the vicinity of your target and hand her the hanky.
    Presto! Instant solution to all your problems.

    Lol, on a serious note, I don't know what works for women, and I talk to a lot of them. It just comes from within. Hopefully you will reach such a stage yourself.
  11. It really depends on whether or not the girl wants that kind of attention, which you can't really know. So... it's kind of a risk.

    I've had a guy say this to me before when I was wearing a plain white shirt, and yes, it was incredibly obvious to me and everyone who was with me what he was actually complimenting. Honestly, I was a little flattered, but it was also kind of creepy and gross. It might have made me feel good about my body for a minute, but I would never have said yes to a date with a guy like that.

    So it really depends on what the girl wants and what you are expecting to get out of the situation. Don't expect a good, "wife material" kind of woman to be won over by a line like that.
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    People! This thread was posted way back in 2017. I'm pretty sure he would have made up his mind as what to do by now. Furthermore the last time he accessed this forum was over a year ago. Why do people revive such old threads?
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    After 365 days of nofap you can control metal with your mind. After this point you can simply rip the underwiring of her bra apart with the power of your mind and set her titties free..

    Then you can see her titties without having to bother starting a conversation
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    I wrote to this topic because I think my question is appropriate for discussion. Me it looked, that better write here, than create a new subject. I don't see the problem.
  15. Good catch. I think what happens is people don’t notice the date. I didn’t notice it until you mentioned it.

    I’ve seen this before, here and other forums I’ve been on.

    It’s my opinion that older posts that haven’t been responded to in a year should be deleted. There’s a two years gap in this one, August 20, 2017 then a response on Friday.

    I say start a new thread instead of bringing up a very old one.
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    "Hugh Mungus What? Is that sexual harassment?"

    Be careful who you talk to.

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