Post acute withdrawal and my symptoms. Can you relate?

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    Im currently past my 2.5 months of daily 10 min practice and I must say I handle emotions and ''situations'' in my daily job much better.
    It doesnt give me a high (or some sort of enlightenment euphoric high, lol) but more of being at peace with myself, my friends and enemies. Metta is very helpful, too!
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    Im about five weeks, I've had moments where my balance goes, just for an instant, somehow combined with my vision. Not too sure what it is I'm experiencing.

    I seem to be running cooler this last week, couple of weeks ago I was burning up 24/7, soaking with sweat in the night, pouring sweat in the day.
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    I can't believe I didn't think about this before, but today (day 38 for me), a lightbulb went off in my head on my way to work - what if I ditch the social media/mindless internet browsing?? (since I've read elsewhere on how that affects dopamine levels)

    I'm not so sure about the caffeine - a coffee on the way to work (thanks Keurig) and then 2-3 cups throughout the day have been staples for me - but given that I'm stuck deep in the 'flatline' here, I'm willing to give it ago and forego that too
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    caffeine screws your dopamine pathways as badly as alcohol and cocaine/porn/sweets

    ditch it bro! youd be grateful you did
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  5. This is a good advice. Too much of anything can be harmful for ones health. I'd take a test week for daily meditation for less than an hour per day to relax the body with breathing and try next week without it. Perhaps replace meditating with something tangible like drawing or physical work/workout. I've recently started to draw and I find it a better anxiety smoother than meditating.

    I feel that fantasizing is almost as bad as viewing porn and today I feel very lightheaded due to fantasizing and some touching. I'm not sure how to replace an urge that lasts for a long time. I can't be active all the time and too much of meditating isn't good either. One thing I know is that mindless browsing, or generally browsing the internet, be it mindless or mindful, is detrimental for my health as it increases my anxiety and depression. That includes this forum as well. It might be due to the fact I've done it so much over the years I can't really tolerate it much at all. You could compare it to eating the same kind of food every day. Ultimately, your body will hate and reject ingesting it. Same goes with modern TV shows, I just can't enjoy them at all for some reason. Like, my mind can't take the information flood anymore. I'd much rather be in nature or read a physical book than flood my brain with useless garbage.
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  6. That's a very interesting intake on the meditation part. When I started nofap 2 years ago I didn't feel much of the PAWS that's now floating dizziness, head pressure and tingling. At most I felt a bit tired and anxied for a week and was good to go after that. But it all changed about a year ago. I also started meditating around that time, but I've never meditated for more than an hour. I usually meditate for 20-30 mins. I wonder if it could've played a part in it. I've already been kindling for years now with PIED being a problem for at least a decade so it could've been just a coindicence on the meditation part and my body just being so jaded that it finally hit a wall with PMO. I was actually wondering years before when it all would end as I was really fed up of the whole PMO lifestyle a long time ago. I guess it's the same with drug and alcohol addicts, once they hit a complete wall then they have to stop the toxic lifestyle for the rest of their lives or else they risk dying.

    As for the TV stuff, I feel the same. For some reason I feel really ill when it comes to watching YouTube, especially pointless stuff. I can't stand modern TV shows with fast moving scenes, especially those with flashing transition screens. The same goes for fast paced video games. This is rough as I used play video games all the time for hours on end without feeling any kind of motion sickness. This all can be just a mixture of mindlessly surfing the web, playing video games and PMO'ing for over two decades and the body finally being so fed up with it that it literally can't take it anymore, be it in any digital form.
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  7. I remember that during my first reboot of around 150 days, I felt totally healed. In fact, I felt amazing. The world had more color, average girls looked amazing, tons of motivation, slept like a baby. During this reboot I took massive amounts of caffeine, drank alcohol, took phenibut and baclofen (which increase dopamine in the striatum), ate junk food now and then, did mindless internet browsing, took THC and nicotine now and then, played tons of games and binge watched netflix series. Yet I was totally healed. So these dopamine increasing activities did not affect my recovery. All I had to do was stay away from PMO. Just don't take very strong dopaminergic stimulants or opioids because they will certainly mess up the reboot and downregulate D2 receptors.

    (This is just my experience)
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    I’m having suicidal thoughts and am in desperate need of advice, for the first time in my life I opened up about my mental health struggles, I did not talk about porn though. I haven’t watched porn in 14 months and just 2 weeks ago started getting morning wood and had my first 2 successful sexual encounters with a partner in my life. I then was contacted by an ex and we were planning to meet up but I got anxious and scrolled the Facebook of a girl I knew and saw some arousing images. I exed out right away but paws symptoms came back for the first time in 10 months, for the past week my insomnia has returned and so has pied I am having unusual urination symptoms and have had panic attacks. At this point I can’t feel my dick and am wondering if it will be another 10 months before I feel good again or can get erections. Please help please
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    this time it will probably last less
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