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  1. I've tried scouring all of the major forums to see if I could find any similar stories but no dice. This thread is separate from the PAWS thread to describe my experience after flatline.

    My libido had completely returned a few weeks ago while at the same time any lingering traces of PAWS disappeared. However now I've been dealing with periodic spontaneous orgasms. It has happened only when I'm laying in bed, either before I fall asleep or after I wake up.

    I'll be laying there and start feeling pleasant butterflies in my lower abdominal region. Out of nowhere my libido will ramp from 0-100 in a picosecond, I get a raging hardon, and then I have to use my might to force off an ejaculation. When this happens I'll start writhing in bed like an epileptic and biting my pillow while trying to hold it in. Sometimes I'm successful, other times I spill a little bit of seed but so far no money shots.

    First of all these involuntary orgasms feel amazing, the kind I used to have when I was a kid. Certainly much better than the orgasms my sex and masturbation addicted brain was experiencing. However each time this happens I get knocked into a mini flatline of two to three days. My libido will be gone and I'll be a bit fatigued but nothing beyond that. Then the cycle repeats.

    To summarize I'm getting these uncontrollable orgasms where I'm trying not to cum which knocks me into a mini flatline for a few days and then cycle, rinse, repeat. I suspect what is happening is that I've come out of flatline but I'm not properly calibrated yet. Instead of my libido having a normal and gradual crescendo it comes full force all at once.

    As I mentioned, I've looked through other threads to see if there are similar experiences but came up empty. Anyways it looks like the journey does not end once the flatline is over.
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  2. This morning I woke up super early and had an involuntary orgasm before I got out of bed. I'll probably have to change my signature.

    Despite being in my early 40s I've never had a wet dream in my life and I've been masturbating since childhood. The only conclusion I can draw is that I've been retaining long enough that my body has finally started having emissions on its own. Interesting that it is happening while I'm awake.

    Honestly I'm just sick and tired of all of this.
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  3. That's a big sign of progress man....!

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    I'm in the same boat as you. I am in early forties, well 42 and did Soft mode (No MO) for three years soon. My Body finally went into flatline. I feel numbness to any type of stimulation. I was wondering how long you were doing NoFap before flatline. How long when you went into flatline did you eventually come out of it..?
  5. I saw your message on the PAWS thread, now I'm incorporating kegels during meditation and at random times throughout the day.

    I was in flatline before I started doing hard mode which was November '19. Recently I came out of flatline but these involuntary orgasms are setting me back. It's like I'm going through puberty as a middle aged man.
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