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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Erick Pastora, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Erick Pastora

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    I always get sad when I get home from a great trip. Because going on trips (specially with friends) is just awesome, and when you come home that great emotion is just gone. I even sometimes find myself crying because of all the joy I had that I didn't want to return ever again. I think a solution is to don't really return to everyday life because you've changed in the trip and you've discovered things about yourself, so it's important to make some little changes for the better to not feel fatigued like not wanting to go work or study, or even don't wanting to be home. And something else is to keep taking trips, keep that travelers mindset and you won't feel nostalgic about your past experiences because you're always getting new ones.

    Any other advice is welcome
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  2. moonesque

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    Hmm try to work on appreciation, I believe it can be developed over time.

    One thing that helps me is after a good trip, that whatever I experienced will be with me always and I loved it. That there is a time and place for experiences like that but also day to day life.

    Also a lot of my trips are towards nature and when remember how symbolically eternal they are, that understanding helps me accept that it will be okay. Hope that can help.
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    don't even try to remember what is past try to learn from the past ,just move on live in present
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    I agree, just move forward do not turn around
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  5. Yeah I feel ya, when I came back after backpacking around for months, sleeping in parks and fields and living like a nomad n Japan, I found my home town boring and sleepy...I just wanted to go straight back.
    I guess you need to try and start little adventures in your town. you know do things you never would have done before in the community...keep the travelling spirit alive with new quests sort of. I didn’t, I started drinking....bad mistake. All the best.
  6. rexsuccess

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    That is well said. Let me add that cherishing moments that bring you joy is better than holding onto them and refusing to let that go. Keep the joy you felt and move on with your life.
    There could be hidden happiness in the everyday life, you just have to keep looking.

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