Poster of Hot Women bad for Hard Mode?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Iwantfreedom820, May 25, 2020.

  1. Iwantfreedom820

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    Hello Guys,

    i was thinking about buying some Motivational Posters to fill my Room with and make it look better, and one Poster i thought about getting is one of a Hot Women (from behind, like you see her from the back) with Dumbbells working out. That Poster is supossed to come as some Motivation for the Gym among other Motivation Posters. But i don´t know if it will be good or not? Like give me any Urges or so? Or if it could help rewiring me looking at a Normal pretty Women on the Poster from Time to Time (since i have fetish addicitons like femdom, foot fetish, etc.). I literally just want it for some Gym Motivation (especially with Gyms closed in this Covid-19 Shit Times)

    What do you Guys think?
  2. Awedouble

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    Dude just get one of a guy, maybe even of a guy that's not that buff or like slightly better than where you're at now that's about the same build or something. You probably don't want to develop the body of a woman, even a fit one. I don't know exactly what that one looks like but I think it's the typical sex sells thing, even if it's a straight woman that gets it there's the chance that their motivation is wanting to be sexy.
  3. Iwantfreedom820

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    Something like this
  4. Awedouble

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    Um yeah I say that could be used as p-Sub.

    I used to like to look at pictures of women in the Crossfit calendar and stuff, and guess what - I wasn't DOING it. Besides working out is a long term thing, motivation will get you to work out that day but you also need to be interested and have a plan and then adjust it based on progress.

    I don't even know how much a picture helps, if anything a quote from someone who is athletic that makes a good point I think.
  5. Awedouble

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    Also something funny might be an interesting way to mix it up and also serve as a reminder - you seen those de-motivational posters? Here's one for rebooting:


    For the computer I can see like having a wallpaper that cycles randomly maybe 80% is normal motivational posters but the rest is something like this, which serves as a reminder and being funny it's memorable.
  6. Life Project

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    I wouldn’t get the poster man. I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. It’s going to cause a lot of unnecessary urges in the future. I know it would give me a lot of sexual thoughts that would turn to urges. Just my opinion.
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