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  1. is it against the rules to post the same thread in more than one subforum
    ( especially if it meets the guidelines of both ) ?
  2. Beamer

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    Kind request to ask this question to a moderator i.e. by sending one of them them a pm, thank you ! :)
  3. hey man thanks for reply.
    but i dont understand what you wrote. are you saying that i should PM a moderator and ask this question ?
  4. Beamer

    Beamer Distinguished Fapstronaut

    That's what i'm saying yes :) Thank you for doing so !
  5. kropo82

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    The simple answer is yes, it is against the rules. But I'm struggling to find out where that's mentioned (it's not in the beginners guide). If I find where it's stated I'll post a link. Note that the "Forum Usage Guide" post also suggests

  6. BuddhaPunkRobotMonk

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    It's in our Forum Posting Rules and Ettiquette Guidelines:

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