Pot, Alcohol and NoFap

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    So during my years of NoFap for recovering from PIED, I noticed that smoking weed sets me back. Not in the sense that if you're high you're more likely to relapse (because it's more likely for you to open a porn website and get it on) but because I have had 90 day streak but when having sex I can't get hard. And that was being sober (not high at the time of sex).

    I also noticed that if I get too hammered with alcohol at a party (to the point where I have memory loss or blackout) the next day it feels like a relapse. I mean, no morning wood anymore for days or weeks, etc. It literally feels like all progress is gone. Like a relapse!

    On the pot side, it makes sense since I'm "injecting" my brain with dopamine. And that in turn affects delta phos B, etc. So it does not contribute to my recovery even though I never watched porn during that time or MO'd.

    But on the alcohol side I'm oblivious! We all know drinking to the point you have memory loss or blackout is not a good thing. It destroys neurons. But does it elevate dopamine and affect delta phos b?

    Any one else experienced this?

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