Potential reason why dudes get pied

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  1. Probably best for re-wiring, but I have my own issues with the type of women I am attracted to that would make me look like a joke.
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    It's easier to control urges when you're single!
    With a wife you have chaser effect and constant urges everytime she gets undressed!
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    Chaser affect is everywhere even when you're single and fap 20 x a day
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    At least when you're single you're allowed out of the house when you want! Haha
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    Viewing porn is the cause of PIED there is no way around this, it's literally in the definition, porn induced erectile dysfunction, porn induces it. So looking at photos and videos of women isn't just spiking your dopamine, its conditioning you to only get aroused to photos of them instead of the real thing, over time this is what happens.

    Think back long ago before the internet and porn magazines, men wouldn't ever have the opportunity to see thousands of photos of women online, they'd see perhaps a small handful through their entire lives in person but now it's possible to see thousands with a few clicks, this isn't normal. Men weren't meant to be exposed to all that imagery and sexual stimuli... its no surprise why PIED happens.
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