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    Here I am again, thinking 'bout how fucked up humanity is and how we are stuck in a cycle, of course at 2 AM. Humanity goes in cycles. Ruins, civilizations, freedom, down fall, authoritatianism/evil happens, people fight back, down fall again and the cycle repeats itself. I wonder how can we stay in the freedom stage till the end of humanity? What will liberate us? Because there are always evil powerful people who are ready to do anything, even kill innocent people, to get a bit more power. I'm not that kind of guy who chants eat the rich like a communist maniac but I realize that in order to become like Jeff Bezos you have to be a borderline psychopath. What is the cap on how much you can gather power before you have to forget faith, honor and compassion? And to be clear I have nothing against competition and someone getting or losing power by competing. I love it and that's why I hate almost anything government. But back to the point how can we stop the human masses giving too much power into one (or few) man's hands. Human masses are easy to control and lie to as everyone can realize from observing the current situation. How can this be reversed? Genetical engineering? As long as this is the case I can't see humans living without evil leaders because there are always people smart and wise enough to be able to control these masses. Or can there be good leaders with all the power? Does it always blind the powerful? What do you think?

    Btw this post is based on my 15 minute philosophical late night thought session. So no 200 IQ stuff here, probably.
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    If you give kids blocks, without being taught, by nature, kids will build with their blocks, and they will destroy the buildings of others. I've seen, even the nicest kids, destroy my buildings as fun jokes. Naturally, I didn't give a damn that they destroyed my castles or houses, but at first it was a bit surprising to see some of the most well-behaved kids destroy my buildings.

    Building stuff and destroying stuff is human nature. Let's look at Hitler for a second. Germany had totally been fucked by The Great War, and the Treaty of Versailles has greatly hindering it's repair. Germans were literally burning money as fuel for fire because it was cheaper than wood. Hitler rebuilt Germany into something powerful. He did so by vilifying certain groups of people and stealing their belongings, etc. Then, once rebuilding Germany... annexed and attacked neighboring countries. Now, this was good for many Germans, but was pretty much bad for absolutely everyone else (including Germans with morals). But that's because good and bad is just a view point depending on what side of the fence you're on.

    Let's look at Disney. They build a great company by making good entertainment. Now they're buying all their competition making themselves larger and larger. Same with Google, Amazon, and a lot of these other major companies. This is good and bad depending on what side of the fence you're on.

    Good and bad is only a view point depending on how their power is. Truth is: It's human nature to build and destroy. No matter what kind of organization or leadership.

    With that said, I am totally against Hitler and what he did -- I was just making a point about leadership.
  3. Lul, it's good nonetheless. :)

    What do I think? There is a limit to wealth and power, beyond which you are bound to be influenced by factors like pressure from big corporations, political factions etc etc etc and you can't behave like a normal human being anymore and are forced to turn into a profit machine or something like that.
  4. A psycological revolution within each one of us. Where there is desire for competition and power, there is no space for love. The world changes one person at a time and to do this we must first recognise our own part in this mess.

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