Powerful social anxiety and dating during reboot.

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It is actually better to wait until full reboot of brain rather than hitting on girls during reboot?

  1. Yes, you should do it during reboot.

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  2. No, you should wait until full reboot.

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  1. Rose_123

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    Hello there.
    I started a new streak recently, feeling nice so far and I have some question for you guys. In my previous, best streak so far, which was 77 days, I wanted to improve my life as much as I can. It was hard as fuck, exactly in case of a social anxiety I have. I wanted to go out for a social exposure as frequently as I could but I often felt awkward and unconfident in everyday situations. Besides of that flatline hit me hard and just made things worse.
    I felt woman attraction, in fact I spotted one cute girl which, I think, was also interested in me, but because of all that anxiety and insecurities I could not make a move towards her. I tried to fight it, but just could not do it. I rarely talk with any girls, I've never been in any serious relationship with woman, and I'm just afraid of the unknown. Do you think that after my brain will heal yourself I will be able to get grip on normal life again? I'm scared that this fear and anxiety will never pass and I will always be that loser, who wasted his life because of porn...
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  2. I think you are confusing the cause-effect relationship in here, and I am talking with notion, I suffered and still suffer sometimes for social anxiety.
    Porn helped to cause social anxiety, but leaving porn will not cause its disappearing.
    Many factors were in this game.
    You need to fight them all, and to keep trying, step by step to conquer again your "normality".
    Leaving porn is fundamental and really useful, but don't think that reaching 224742 days will just give you alone the confidence to do everything.
    It will help a lot, but it's up to you.
    What I am suggesting is to take it as an exercise of improving like for streaks.
    You abstain for 77, this time your goal is 78 at least am I right?
    So if by now you can go to place but feel uncomfortable even to sit near to her(Idk just making an example), next time you will casually sit next to one until you will be ok with that, next time you will just two three sentences, like "hey I am xxxxxx and you?" then you leave, just met her, stop it.
    And then again and again and again.
    In everything, even in sports, maybe you are a bit afraid in your team to talk in front of everyone, next time do it.
    Build your confidence.
    And leave porn of course, just don't believe it can be enough.
    You have to work.
    From nothing it cames nothing
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