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    So that you know, this post is not about cold showers. I am healthy, and I eat mostly meat. Because of this, I have a powerful sex drive. How did I keep from fapping today, you might ask?

    The key is to constantly remind yourself of the negative emotions of guilt, shame, and depression you get from porn and fapping. You want to feel these negative emotions when you start fantasizing about unhealthy fetishes and porn. This creates a physiological flight or fight reaction and subconsciously keeps you from fapping or using porn.

    The second trick is to constantly tell yourself that you're a nofap guy with positive emotion. It may sound silly, but you can smile at yourself in the mirror and say, "I love myself, and I love being a nofap guy."

    Hopefully, other people can read this, and it will help. I needed to write this down so I would never forget it. Thanks for reading.
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    I'm not sure about the first one, positive reinforcement is more effective then negative reinforcement. So in theory it would be better to reward yourself for normal thoughts or when you steer your thoughts away from pron related thoughts.

    The second part is very true.
    Studies have shown that if something is repeated to you, you unconsciously start to believe it to be true.

    That's why people who have someone telling them they are worthless and bad every day eventually really feel like that

    I tell myself every day that I love myself and since I started I really do love myself now.

    You have to treat yourself a bit like someone you are in a relationship. Let yourself know that you appreciate yourself. Reward yourself when you do something good. Celebrate when you accomplish something. Encourage yourself. Tell yourself that you love yourself

    So tell yourself that you love yourself. Tell yourself you are beautiful. Tell yourself that you are amazing. Tell yourself that you will hit your NoFap goals.
    It can really change your life depending on what you tell yourself.

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