Pr0n really does create an addiction. Here's how.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by TheWannabe, Dec 16, 2016.

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    I'll cut-and-paste something from my journal from today. Hopefully, this will give you all something to think about, as well as some encouragement.

    Throughout a good part of yesterday and today, I've been contemplating the definition of "addiction". My brain keeps nudging me towards particular types of thoughts or mental images, even when I'm not particularly aroused at the time. It's actively pushing me towards pr0n and going "go on, just do it".

    This is addiction. It is to use (or overuse) a "substance" to the point of becoming nearly dependent on it, and to attempt to hold oneself away from it after reaching that point is akin to starving oneself, in a way. It's like a malevolent version of a mother's milk; you need to be weaned off of it.

    You might wonder "why does this stuff have such a power over me?" The answer is simple; you made yourself dependent on it.

    It really is like any other addictive substance; by holding yourself off from it, your mind is on withdrawal right now. The thing is... it can be beat. All other addictions have been shown to be beatable. You'll probably fall, but don't beat yourself up over it; that's just part of overcoming an addiction. You can't just knock it it out in one, two, or even ten goes, unless you're some kind of superhuman.

    Keep going, guys, and God bless.
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    Good thread. God bless!
  3. Daniel;

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    Porn addiction is just like any other addiction.
    The thing is that it is free and easy to access; you do not inject, smoke, sniff or ingest it, but it stimulates the brain like drugs do.

    I agree with your point, it is definitely possible to overcome this, it just takes a lot of willpower, patience and determination.

    So guys, stop being lazy and start working for a better life.:)
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    The answer is correct, but you should go deeper.

    It has to do with fears and beliefs which you hold on and cannot let loose.
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