Pray for POTUS!

For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ

  1. Repent from your sins and pray for God's chosen one, Donald Trump. Daily!
    His enemies are getting more and more dangerous day by day. If we do not pray for his protection, he might get assassinated like JFK and we would be accountable for that! POTUS needs our prayers as much as we need God's Justice on this earth and a revival movement. Pray for him as much as you can. It does not matter, where you're from, his decisions have already affected the whole world in a good way like no president has done ever before and way more shall come. Without the Help of God, he's extremely vulnerable. So be a prayer warrior and assist him.
    Don't forget, the world hated and is still hating Jesus and His chosen ones and would do anything to shut them down.
    45 is the last undeserved chance Jesus gave us. If he goes down, the great tribulation will start.
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  2. Lol! If he was God's chosen one then why did Christians vote for him? If he was chosen by God Christians didn't need to vote for him, all they had to do was pray and God would have done for them. The fact that Christians didn't stay at home and pray but went out to vote proves he was the chosen by the people not God. The whole idea God chooses leaders in a democracy is absurd.
  3. TARS

    TARS Fapstronaut

    God raises people to power and tears them down. Both good and bad leaders, as we are all capable of both.

    We should pray for all leaders, appointed and elected. And pray for the redemption of the world, and that we may all serve in this.
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  4. Kraftwerk!1973

    Kraftwerk!1973 New Fapstronaut

    Lol. Assuming that providence and Christians voting for him are mutually exclusive.^

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