Prayer Malfunction???

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    The title is Prayer Malfunction.

    Lately I've been praying almost every single day usually in the mornings. Just to note I am very spiritual but not tied down to any religion groups. Just because I don't see the separation in them and why we have them in society when they bash each other. But lately I've been praying.. Praying allot. It feels like my prayers aren't being answered or I feel that something is off. I just feel like I've seen some crappy days along with excessive sleeping.

    I'm not sure if it's my addiction or that the universe is upset with me because of it. But that's just how I feel lately. Whenever I meditate I feel the energy on my Crown Chakra and of course that tingling when it says its balanced. I'm happy because it makes me believe like my Crown is still active. But I'm not sure if my prayers are getting threw to the higher dimension which is concerning me.

    I have a friend and we talk 45+ minutes some days. She always says she receives answers, I'm just pretty much stumped. I'm not sure if this is because of the addiction or my body not rerouting energy possibly?
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    Now as someone who isn't so spiritual, I am bringing prayer into my daily life, but not for answers, just to show my devotion to my recovery. I don't think it's about recieving answers as you can interpret anything as an answer really (not to sound cynical), but by devoting yourself to some form of a higher power and saying a prayer in your time of need can bring you back to your understanding of why you are in recovery.
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    Pray for all. not for yourself, you are included in the all
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    Love this post, I feel a lot like you as far as religion. I joined a men’s group no 503c but most do believe in God. I’m seeing how many ppl actually struggle with porn it’s crazy. Ie Pastors, etc. I do feel the importance of community but it’s something about making a choice really wanting to win. I’ve never really done that because I though I was already winning.God showed me this year I can have money but I’m still broken and I can’t win without him. Even now I hop on here for a accountability partners and I forget it was me that put myself here not the media. I find so much strength in owning it, Gods still working. I’m get baptized and give this addiction to God. If the blood is real we don’t have to live under this anymore.
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