Prayer & Vulnerability in the Work


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    I am a student of the Gnostic teachings of the likes of Samael Aun Weor, James Allen, and the many Saints, Saviours and Sages who taught the path of the Son; the Cosmic Christ.

    Walking this path is very different from just seeking to be PMO free because merely restraining the physical impulse alone without inward psychological change inevitably leads to relapse or other forms of repression, craving and perversion. Walking this path requires rigorous practice, and a deep desire for real inward change. The path does not seek more things from the world (money, fame, social comfort, pleasure etc.) and so PMO only serves as one of the very first steps in attaining Chastity, a pure sexuality pleasing to the divinity within oneself.

    I am seeking to connect with Fapstronauts who resonate with this ideal and are hungry to live it and to realise it, not merely curious.

    If this describes you then please feel free to connect with me via this thread, inbox or at my journal: Conquering NoFap by Self-Knowledge

    Regardless of whether you resonate with this or not, we are all Fapstronauts, struggling to be free of this painful perversion. I wish you nothing but the very best in your struggle for freedom.

    More Fire!
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    Prayer & Vulnerability in the Work
    All the great spiritual masters often emphasise the importance of prayer in the work; I now see why.
    The internal psychological storms are ever raging, they know no rest.
    To overcome them seems almost impossible at times, and yet, it must be done nonetheless and it can be done, but I cannot do it alone.

    Prayer is fundamental in the work to transform ourselves. Sometimes my own thoughts are so negative, sexually immoral and strong that I feel so helpless, I feel like giving up and the only thing I can do in those moments is to ask for help. When I feel vulnerable I pray.

    This is not an easy path but I must stay vigilant, I must press on to a goal that seems so lofty knowing that without the help of the divine, I will never make it. Therefore, I pray. I pray for freedom from this affliction and all its manifestations in my thoughts, desires, dreams and even in my subconscious.

    May you find the strength to pray too in your times of weakness. Topray to the divinity within you that will save you. Come, let us pray together. :emoji_pray:

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