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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by mijereah, Mar 2, 2015.

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    When I was 20 I had sex for the first time with my then girlfriend. During that time and before I was looking at P and M'ing regularly. I don't remember how often I was looking at P and MO'ing though, as I'm now 32 yrs old. Anyway, when I remember when I was banging her that I couldn't last for for man a few minutes. Basically I had Pre-Mature ejaculation and I was shocked. I was so frustrated that I couldn't keep it up and then when I did I came too soon. Dang!! I also remember that my girlfriend told me to just M more!! Isn't that crazy! And here we are thinking that M is the problem! Wow! So what do you conclude from all this? Honestly, I can say that I don't think M is the answer. I don't think we should do that to "cure" pre-mature ejaculation. What do you all think? Was there something else going on? Maybe I didn't kegels or whatever they are called.
  2. fapequalsdeath

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    Yes, kegels do help. However keep in mind that ejaculation is just a muscle reflex, most of the stimulation and desire to ejaculate come from the brain - you cannot get hard unless you think your partner is hot right?
    Same goes for cumming if you think you partner is extremely hot then you'll nudje yourself to finish. That's where meditation comes in placew but it is a vast topic. For kegels I suggest getting an erection then place a towel on the end of your dick and try to lift it up as much as you can before you lose the erection. 5 sets every 2 days should be enough. Basically the idea is to train your muscles around your ass area so when you have sex you can squeeze them hard enough in order to pressure the prostate and delay the orgasm, resulting in better control. You can engage these muscles even without an erection - when you pee and make it stop you are using them. So you can work them out anywhere anytime ;)
  3. mijereah

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    ok thanks i will have to try it
  4. Chris1052

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    If you wanna go hardcore you can do kegels with a dumbbell tied to the tip. But I've always had PME unless I* was high, hopefully not pmo'ing will help that. I may try kegels too.
  5. Limeaid

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    It is definitely about mind control and focusing during sex. Pull out, slow your rhythm, think about something else for a bit, all of this can help you. Calming your mind down is key.
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    If you lasted a few minutes, you're a perfectly normal, healthy human being.
    In contrast to what we have learned from extensive P sessions (where we "last" because we flip from clip to clip or distract ourselves in other ways, not to mention desensitisation), coitus does not normally last 30 - 45 minutes. See here
    Quoting from the page : "And, contrary to the common perception that distraction or decreasing stimulation is the answer (slow down, think about baseball), some say that giving in to sensation can help address the issue as well. "The way to learn [to last longer] is by getting used to intense stimulation," says Prosterman, "to increase the frequency of intercourse, and feel every sensation of being inside your partner and enjoy it."" There's a fleshlight stamina something something unit that's supposed to be very intense and therefore might help you extend your time until ejaculation.
    And it's like fapequalsdeath said, she's your partner, of course she turns you on ;)

    But honestly, mate - it's not a competition. If you want to set a record, make it how much you enjoyed being intimate with your favourite human being. How much you can express what you mean to each other. How much your trust and faith in the other is reflected in your intimacy. Sexual enjoyment is not measured in litres of sweat or number of climaxes. Anything else is the P talking.

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