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    Hope everyone is doing well and going through a successful recovery

    Little bit about me, I'm single, never had a sexual relationship before. I've been on porn for quite long time, on avg I watch porn once a week :(

    Today, I went for a massage, and things ended up poorly where they offered a hand job and I just could not say no -- I think I was in a wrong place :(

    My question is, I ejaculated very fast.. usually when I masturbate I can last much longer.. but this time I came in like no time..

    Now I'm worried if I suffer from pre-mature ejaculation?

    What should I do about it? from experienced men here, what should I do? maybe porn messed up with my brain?

    I appreciate any advice here..

    Thank you!!
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    If you have never had sex before it was probably just the sheer excitement of the hand job by someone other than yourself. Don't worry about it, you were probably over excited. Probably not related to your porn use. These massage places are not the best places to go. They are just providing a service and want you to cum and go as quickly as possible. I would just try and forget it. If you only watch porn once a week are you sure you are addicted to it. I will tell you about my addiction and you can compare. I AM seriously addicted to live sex webcams and I know I am because of the negative consequences it has had on my life. I have been addicted for years. When I don't watch them I get physical and mental withdrawals. I can spend days watching them and masturbating, only taking breaks for sleep. Everything gets neglected, nothing takes priority over watching webcams and masturbating. I have spent a fortune on them, and I do mean a lot of money. I was in a situation where I was absolutely desperate and broke. I kept spending all my money on them to the point where I didn't have enough money for food. Do you neglect important things? Do you exclude people from your life because you would rather watch porn? If you decide you are addicted then it is a good idea to get a plan of action in place, start a journal here, respond to posts by other guys and post messages yourself. If you watch porn at the same time every week then plan to do something different at that time, something you will enjoy doing. Good luck
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  3. Don’t worry about it. Same thing has happened to me and I imagine it happens to a lot of guys. The excitement is part of it, being so relaxed is another part. And, perhaps most important- these women are experts at giving hand jobs. You might want to enjoy it for a few minutes … but they don’t. They want you to blow your load as fast as possible.
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