Premature Ejaculation: How to cure it.

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    Many of us are suffering under this really bad bad thing. I just want to start to start a thread were everybody can tell what worked for him and how you cured Premature Ejaculation. Lots of us feel ashamed not lasting for longer than 5 minutes and its time to take responsibility to cure it.

    So here is my story. I discovered my PE few years ago and had already cured it last year, but slipped back into bad habits and sabotaging myself.

    Like many of you i masturbated fast to quickly orgasm and ejaculate. What i didnt know is that i unconciously trained my BC muscle to stimulate and tighten up really fast and ejaculate like in 5 or max 10 minutes. Edging and trying to hold on longer didnt help. I was frustrated and confused. I had already cured is last year on a 30 day nofap challenge hardmode and it got back. So what happened?

    Some really improtant informations are here please read it several times and watch closely for the BC muscle!

    When i finished the challenge i had unconciously relaxed my BC muscle and did naturally not use it while masturbating. I could last as long as i want and even had a dry orgasm. I slipped back to old behaviours and tried to do kegels do be even more better.

    What most sites on the internet dont tell you, is that a lot of kegels are designed for women, to achieve better orgasms and stay dry between the legs. They have to train the BC muscle. But if a man trains his BC muscle, it makes him come in minutes, if not seconds.

    Of course there is a psychological effect. If you suffered like me you are probably frustrated and feeling like you aint good enough. What i first did was accepting that i have a problem and that im gonna find how to treat it and do a 30 day masturbation challenge to retrain my brain and my thoughts about it.

    My main problem was and is that im tightening and using the BC to much. I stretched it while getting an erection, sitting on a chair, sneezing, peeing, masturbating.

    Most teachers and sites recommend that to find the right muscle to train, you have to just stop the flow of your urine while peeing. Then you will automatically find the PC muscle and train it.

    The problem is that many guys can hold their pee with using the BC muscle! Thats what i did. I found the wrong muscle and trained it for months making it even worse.

    Here comes my cure: I just started yesterday and it was really fun and the results came faster than i thought. The most important thing is to keep this BC muscle relaxed all the time. Having trained it for years you must conciously feel the muscle and keep it relaxed. Whenever you feel that its tightening or using it, relax it immediatly. Its a bit hard in the beginning, but you can make it.

    Now forget the PC muscle and keep focusing on relaxing the BC muscle. If you keep this muscle relaxed, your PE will vanish. I started masturbating yesterday and will practice it for now on for 30 days.

    However ejaculation uses the BC muscle pretty hard and reinforces the PE. So i will go for 30 days as long as possible without ejaculation to retrain the BC muscle to stay relaxed. Peeing is sometimes difficult cause my dick is used to not fully relax and sometimes it tightens while peeing.

    What can help but is not my main goal is to train the actual PC muscle. In my case its really weak and i hardly found it with the peeing method. If you want to find your PC muscle try this. Push out your anus like your going to shit or fart, just to feel it. Then pull it inwards and keep the BC muscle all time relaxed. It feels like something slightly above your butthole is gently pushing over your penis ( not under, if you are feeling raising the penis from under you are probaly using BC muscle!)

    Dont expect to much results from using the PC muscle. Instead focus on relaxing and keeping the BC muscle not used.

    Ejaculation should be avoided at all costs and orgasm is in this case not the main goal. The pleasure and feeling of yourself and happily masturbating for hours is a nature gift and i hope i could help you with my point of view and my knowledge. I suffered under this for years, and it made my self esteem worse and i actually had shame around women and sabotaged myself while women showed me interest to not have sexual intercourse with them, because i felt uncomfortable in my own skin.

    Share your stories and lets beat up Premature Ejaculation!
  2. Limitbreaker

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    Another point i found out is how hard you grab your friend. While grabbing it to hard it will tighten up the BC muscle and make you climax really easily
  3. Have never heard of the PC nor the BC muscles. seems pretty interesting. will begin doing research. Thanks
  4. SK81218

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    Thanks!!...I badly need it!! on ward while doing sex I will focus on BC & will try to control it!!
  5. ultrafabber

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    How did this work so far?
  6. Thank you for the information. What do BC and PC stand for?
  7. Limitbreaker

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    BC Muscle and PC muscle. The one which makes you climax and orgasm pretty fast= BC muscle. The one who makes you go for hours making love = PC muscle It is best described and shown in the picture in the link i mentioned
  8. Thanks, but I was asking what the letters stand for. I can't seem to find the answer.

    Also I can't see the second image; I don't know why.
  9. phwrancesco

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    i've had PE issues here and there.

    All i did was keeping on my nofap journey and after a while i was healed by myself, with the time.
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    PC muscle = pubococcygeus musscle
    BC muscle = bulbocavernosus muscle
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    I've read threads about this before but I always get a bit confused about which muscle is which. I have also struggled with this for a long time. I have tried edging too, but I think that I have not been properly relaxing the muscles and that might be why I am not seeing any difference regarding my PE issues. However, I also suffer from a bit of erectile dysfunction and if I try to relax the muscles when masturbating then it is harder for my penis to get erect or maintain the erection. That's why I usually try to contract all those muscles, but I guess this is not a good thing to do. I will try to focus more on this and see if there are any positive results.
  12. Yea, I found out about the wrong muscle thing hard way too!

    Actually did start to train kegels to have stronger orgasms. It did work a little bit for that but also made me cum very quickly. Still haven't fixed that yet. I hope long time of nofap will atrophy the BC muscle somewhat. I probably also have to start doing revers kegels or some stretching exercise. Because even if I don't masturbate when I get hard it starts to tense on it's own.

    It sucks that there is so much confusion and misinformation on internet about this stuff. We need to spread awareness so dudes don't mess themselves up unknowingly!
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  13. oaty

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    Well said. There's no clear, truthful, reliable information regarding PE on the internet.
  14. NewEric

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    Hey man, I have the same problem. In my opinion, ED is the primary cause of flexing the BC muscle. We simply have to fix ED before deal with PE. And nofap streak is basically the only way I know to reach that purpose. So unless we can reach full erection without contracting any part of the pelvic, don’t try to use edging to cure PE. Stay on the hard mode, stay clean.
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    Hey, I just recently realised about this. I used to have PE when starting my sexual activities around 17, 18. By experience, it got better and better around 2 to 3 mins (which got my condition out of the PE definition) and by condoms I could go 7 8 mins which was enough to be honest. However, I tried to improve myself and started stop-start plus the kegels. At first by chance, I was training my PC muscles and I was seeing brilliant results, upto 5 to 6 mins without using any condoms, good fair erections etc. Then I discovered my BC muscles. I thought they should be trained as well. I trained them as well as my real PCs. I was so confused that I was seeing what is wrong with me? Why I am getting so much hard erections? Ans when I stopped sex or masturbation, my penis did not go unhard for 10 mins.
    The same time I started to realize the difference, I also read this post. It is correct, you have to relax the BC muscles and training them makes them so tight, just 2 months of training them and I got back to under a minute and even after ejaculation my erection did not go away and all my Pelvic floor was in pain.

    During the last week I started to focus on releasing the BC muscle and streching with no kegel of any kind exercises and I am starting to feel that in some situations I can relax it and already my situation is getting back to normal (I hope atleast).

    This is a very important matter, very important.
    Also using foods rich in magnisum should be helpful as they are very good in recovering the muscle tensions.

    I did an experiment as well. While I was hard, I just pushed the BC muscle with my finger (pushing the area between your balls and anus) and it instantly started to reduce my erection to normal.
  16. koolman

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    How long did that take exactly?
  17. phwrancesco

    phwrancesco Fapstronaut

    i don't know...there's no "exactly" on this. I was just keeping going on my streak.
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