Premature ejaculation

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by King Tut 23, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. King Tut 23

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    I have a problem and I need your help

    I'm 17, I'm addict to PMO since 3/4 years ago and I'm trying to stay away from it since a couple of months ago. I used to masturbate everyday once or more, and I think that has caused me premature ejaculation. I say "I think" because I'm still a virgin. I'm really scared about ejaculate too soon in my first time because that's what happens when I masturbate. Some years ago I could be between 5-15 minutes (more or less) masturbating until I ejaculated, but since some time ago I realised I ejaculate sooner and now I can last between 30 seconds and 1/2 minutes (no joking). I didn't see that PMO was ruining my life and causing me sadness and problems until a couple of moths ago and now I'm really regreting to start PMO when I was younger.
    I need your help to know what's wrong. Do you last the same during masturbation and sex? How can I stop the premature ejaculate?
    I'm really worried about that so anything you guys can contribute helps me :emoji_sweat:
  2. elvagoazul

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    Don't worry bro. You are too young now. I also used to have problems with my sexual performance. And in my first attempts of Nofap those problems were gone. But it takes time, you have to be patient. Focus on improving other aspects of your life instead.
  3. King Tut 23

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    Thank you for your reply :)
  4. Stp890

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    Your PE is connected your pmo,i experienced the same thing as 8 years addict,26 years old,single,and virgin.reports from succeasful rebooters shows that all the porn induced sexual dysfunctions vanishes after successful reboot and rewiring,but this is not a day job,we need to abstain for long to see results,
    PMO is really a killer of men's maculinity,there fight for your masculinity by abstainance[/QUOTE]
  5. King Tut 23

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    Thanks for replying, but what means PE?
  6. Stp890

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    Premature ejaculation
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  7. OliBeu

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    Mate, you're 17 no champ has fallen from the skies. It's normal that you cum fast in that age.
    Don't stress yourself out. 3/4 year is't long compared with others.
    Chill and quit porn. it will heal itself.
  8. King Tut 23

    King Tut 23 Fapstronaut

    Thanks for your reply, it has reassured me :)

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