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    When I was at the end of my 8th standard, I got indulge in masturbation habbit. There were no P at that time or i do not know how to approach that nor i had means to watxh it. After 2 years of consistency in M, one school girl came to me and told me she love me and wants to be my friend. It was a natural feeling that i felt for the first time. Though i was not in love with her but that that natural feeling overshadowed my whims of M. After 1 month of my patience, at one night, I did it, M again by pathetic sources and not from P. After passing my 10th grade, One day i got the internet and so from then till today i developed in my soul an addiction of P. I used to be a star kid in sports - i used to won racing competitions always with an ease with trumendous amount of speed, which i still have, and stamina, which i dont have now.
    In the Endless fight against PMO, meticulously, 2.5 years of MO and , 8.5 years of PMO, on average i must have M atleast 4000 times. May God Forgive me for the sin. Amen. Nevertheless, I dream for having a peaceful life. My longest streak for no PMO is of 14 days and that of no MO alone is of 27 days. In that time despite of having one enemy in my house,P, i dipict remarkable confidence, feel it in my skin, my voice shaped thick, energetic but my mind remained foggy because of P. For years i thought MO are my enemies but now i realized that P is the worst enemy and I can guarantee my self that MO can not cause any damage to me without P. i am 100 percent sure that i will not do MO by just fantacizing old reels in my mind.
    So 11 days back I started my streak again but today I ended up with 1 hour of P, then some thing sparked in me and Euphimiatically said to me " Why are you draining yourself for some thing virtual and not real, Why your admiring these filthy role models who have destroyed young generations" I closed every thing, Thank God i didn't MO but since P is there so that fog in mind has come again.
    Starting NoFap No PMO again today. I will not do it again!.

    Support me in this cause. Please
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    M -> O -> P
    P -> M -> O
    It's the devil's circuit. First set a signature to a few days and raise it then and read this book 30 days to overcome Porn addiction. I can help you; remember the Pstars are paid and make up a lot it's far far beyond reality most of Pstars life is shitty but they make tons of money. Have faith and yourself be determined to quit do some sport keep a personal journal of your progress and write down the reasons why you wan't to quit. P just fucked up your brain and by this No P you'll rewire it and maybe face for a short time with the flatline (depressing moment). It's never too late and if you're here it means that you want to change you realised that it is a drug because it controls your brain with the too high dopamine levels you affected it by watching P.
    Good luck
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    Thankyou for your concern... THis is probably the first place i have shared something like that because keeping PMO secret is actually buttressing it... Eradication of private addictions requires a disclosure at first thats what i have done here....

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