Pressure and leakage after thoughts

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    Hi folks! I'm new here but a veteran in this practice.....although, never was able to sustain it for more than 2 months. I'm 35 years old and still trying.

    I've developed a strong ability to hold my sperm even with powerful stimulation such as ladies or porn. But after 2 weeks or more, when I open my mind to sexual thoughts or my eyes to women, with the excess of semen and liquid in my organism, I feel a pressure in my uretra and when I go to the bathroom to the number 2, some amount of semen goes out(the quantity will depend on how much stimulation I gave myself into).

    My great doubt is.......this thick and white liquid that is released, contains the major "gold" of our pursuits or is just prostatic excess??

    *** I don't have orgasms at all, just the dopamine sensation of sexual arousal and after that, the pressure in my channels.

    Am I losing progress after this "loss" or my sperm is still storaged in my testicles?

    Thanks a lot and is a satisfaction to be part of this community!!!

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