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  1. This might sound strange, but your a saint!

    Ok, well maybe not like the greats. But lets leave this secular for a minute and talk about raising our self esteem.

    Think highly of yourself. Think of yourself as a saint for awhile. People depend on saints to uplift them. Saints generally give most of their time to those in need while not usually thinking about there own comfort. To be honest, I see saints everywhere. I see everyone here as a saint. I don't look at it from a religious perspective, they have their own saints. I have my own too, right in front of me.

    I see people on here constantly trying to help those in need. Being on a computer for an addict is like fire living inside a gas tank. Does that stop you from posting a word of advice? No. Everyone here is doing their best to lift up the weak and make them strong. You are giving your energy without giving thought to your own energy reserve. I look up to you all like I look up to the holy. Most people wouldn’t dare think of others the way you do.

    Keep your mind as clean as this community. Stay vigilant inside yourself. The next time an urge comes, think of yourself as a saint, and how you wont be able to effectively help others while you recover from your own relapse. This is just a shift in thought, a paradigm shift. Don’t live out of your memory, live out of your imagination. What could be, not what was.

    So, remember in your day to day battle that I said you are a saint. Remember, people look up to you, each and every one. Not just the people on NoFap, there is someone in your life that looks up to you. Be a light, be a saint in your own way.

    Solid Stance, Brother in Arms to Heirs of the Sun
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    Great thoughts!

    I prefer to remove the 'I am' from the entire situation if you catch my drift haha.

    An excerpt from one of my favorite libraries:

    To the worldling, who is beginning to aspire towards higher things, the saint, such as a sweet St. Francis of Assisi, or a conquering St. Anthony, is a glorious and inspiring spectacle; to the saint, an equally enrapturing sight is that of the sage, sitting serene and holy, the conqueror of sin and sorrow, no more tormented by regret and remorse, and whom even temptation can never reach; and yet even the sage is drawn on by a still more glorious vision, that of the savior actively manifesting his knowledge in selfless works, and rendering his divinity more potent for good by sinking himself in the throbbing, sorrowing, aspiring heart of mankind.

    And this only is true service—to forget oneself in love towards all, to lose oneself in working for the whole. O thou vain and foolish man, who thinkest that thy many works can save thee; who, chained to all error, talkest loudly of thyself, thy work, and thy many sacrifices, and magnifiest thine own importance; know this, that though thy fame fill the whole earth, all thy work shall come to dust, and thou thyself be reckoned lower than the least in the Kingdom of Truth!

    Only the work that is impersonal can live; the works of self are both powerless and perishable. Where duties, howsoever humble, are done without self-interest, and with joyful sacrifice, there is true service and enduring work. Where deeds, however brilliant and apparently successful, are done from love of self, there is ignorance of the Law of Service, and the work perishes.

    It is given to the world to learn one great and divine lesson, the lesson of absolute unselfishness. The saints, sages, and saviors of all time are they who have submitted themselves to this task, and have learned and lived it. All the Scriptures of the world are framed to teach this one lesson; all the great teachers reiterate it. It is too simple for the world which, scorning it, stumbles along in the complex ways of selfishness.

    A pure heart is the end of all religion and the beginning of divinity. To search for this Righteousness is to walk the Way of Truth and Peace, and he who enters this Way will soon perceive that Immortality which is independent of birth and death, and will realize that in the Divine economy of the universe the humblest effort is not lost.

    The divinity of a Krishna, a Gautama, or a Jesus is the crowning glory of self-abnegation, the end of the soul's pilgrimage in matter and mortality, and the world will not have finished its long journey until every soul has become as these, and has entered into the blissful realization of its own divinity.

    Great glory crowns the heights of hope by arduous struggle won;
    Bright honor rounds the hoary head that mighty works hath done;
    Fair riches come to him who strives in ways of golden gain.
    And fame enshrines his name who works with genius-glowing brain;
    But greater glory waits for him who, in the bloodless strife
    'Gainst self and wrong, adopts, in love, the sacrificial life;
    And brighter honor rounds the brow of him who, 'mid the scorns
    Of blind idolaters of self, accepts the crown of thorns;
    And fairer purer riches come to him who greatly strives
    To walk in ways of love and truth to sweeten human lives;
    And he who serveth well mankind exchanges fleeting fame
    For Light eternal, Joy and Peace, and robes of heavenly flame.

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  3. I wrote this last night to someone and feel it has great validity here...

    Your energy must be raised higher. Your doing good not fapping for awhile and exercising, but you must raise yourself to the level of the saints.

    Its easy, use love. Never argue, never hate or judge anyone. Be on time to every event and meeting. No shame, no regret, no sadness, we are beyond that, not above it, beyond it.

    The extra energy is just sitting there. Your saving it, but not using it. Raise it, make it go higher. Donate your time to something thats not about you anymore. Live for others, even if your tired.

    Smile more and make someone feel better. Uplift, shine, be bright when all you see is darkness. External success only goes so far. Be someones hero.
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    "Never argue, never hate, never judge anyone else." So clear, so useful, so good.

    "It is too simple for the world which, scorning it, stumbles along in the complex ways of selfishness." So true, so true, so true.
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  5. You see in others a reflection of your own self.
    Bravo my friend! Your posts are truly inspired.
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  6. Thank you Yogi
  7. For some reason this lifted me up. I tend to be too harsh on myself. Thanks for the thread.
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