Primates appear to agree with retention

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    I hope this is the right spot for this.
    I was thinking to myself, without the influence of porn what is normal behaviour?
    So I started looking up other primates and for a comparison and found this article which states that yes primates masturbate but rarely to orgasm...
    But nevertheless by all available accounts, and by contrast with human beings, masturbation to completion is an exceedingly rare phenomenon in other species with capable hands very much like our own. As anybody who has ever been to the zoo knows, there's no question that other primates play with their genitalia; the point is that these diddling episodes so seldom lead to an intentional orgasm”

    It’s a pretty involved article but the frequency difference between us and other primates is also interesting..

    “There was plenty of sex, particularly during the females’ peak swellings. But just two incidents of male masturbation leading to ejaculation were observed. Yes, that’s right. Whereas healthy human males can’t seem to go without masturbating for longer than 72 hours, two measly cases of masturbating mangabeys were observed over a nearly two-year period”.

    “University College London anthropologist E.D. Starin didn’t have much luck spying incidents of masturbation in red colobus monkeys in Gambia, either. In a brief 2004 article published in Folia Primatologica, Starin reports that over a 5.5-year period of accumulated observations totalling more than 9,500 hours, she saw only 5–count ‘em, five –incidents of her population of five male colobus monkeys masturbating to ejaculation, and these rare incidents occurred only when nearby sexually receptive females were exhibiting loud courtship displays and copulations with other males”

    Anyway thought it may be of interest to others..
    This is the full article it’s from:

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    Interesting, indeed! Thank you for sharing it.

    I, too, think there is something sort of "unnatural" about masturbation. (I admit, I am addicted, so no one needs to comment)
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    Do you think there are other primates saying that edging is bad?
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    No, I just think primates acting in a natural way aren't so overally fascinated by there penises as we are.. unless there’s a valid reason to be.. like mating.
    Having said that not much humans do is very natural.. Porn is a learned behaviour I just wonder if it’s possible that it’s purely emotional rather than physical at all.
    If that’s the case I feel more confident about quitting it.

    To be honest I always thought there was a valid need to “clean you pipes out” but if our closest relatives balls don’t explode or even have a regular need to masturbate at all then we probably don’t either.
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    @VanGuy Tyvm for this inf. Ill be sure to internalize it and use it for future arguments.
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    It's interesting that they ejaculate when they see mating. Like porn. But I would be sceptical about how often is natural. As I was trying to figure out how long should we breastfeed and how many children that is a big difference between closest apes and us. One child every 4-5 years at lifespan up to 60 years, I think 4-5 kids Bonobos and 5-6 chempanzee. Cycle takes much longer and breastfeeding females are first capable of next pregnancy after at least 1-2 years - after that time they have cycle but they don't want it or it doesn't work. So I got my cycle back after 3 months fully breastfeeding. We know from history it was common to have 10+ kids. I also think it's our evolution to monogamy, since it makes more chance to have more offspring if you stick to one and make 10-15 kids and 7-10 survive it if you as male carre enough than mating with a lot, but not carrying declined survival of offspring drastically. And human kids are more helpless than apes, so they need that attention, so makes take care about resources and if you invest a lot of effort, you want to make sure it's yours. Anyways human naturally have 2-3 times more children than closest apes. Males surely are also built so that they can ejaculate more. But not too much.
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    There are lots of animals that do that
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