Principles of Self-discipline

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  1. Siloam Levi

    Siloam Levi Banned

    All right, I am tired of playing love doctor to you people. Enough of the sensitivity, clap-trap and frothy emotional entreaties.

    I want to drill myself in chastity so as to be the perfect man for my beloved M.G. whom I adore.

    Starting with a complete overhaul of my daily routine I hereby state without reservation that I am making the following lifestyle changes as of right now:

    a) Sleeping pattern
    Going to bed early, e.g. 9-10pm and waking up very early, e.g. 4-5am

    b) Bathing and personal hygiene
    Cold showers x2 daily, one before breakfast, one before dinner

    c) Intellectual and artistic culture
    Replace all pop music, rap and heavy metal with classical and choral music
    Replace television and movies entirely with study of spiritual books

    With the following projected changes to implement as of tomorrow:

    d) Breathing exercises
    Five minutes of deep breathing after morning and evening showers, to increase to fifteen minutes each time

    e) Diet
    Vegetarian diet while single
    Minimum quantity for meals - "prophet's diet" from Ezekiel is only two cups (20 shekels) of food daily and one cup (1/6 hin) of pure water daily*

    * Note that this change in diet should be implemented gradually; one must first cut out spicy and arousing foodstuffs, then meat, fish and eggs, then onion and garlic, which are aphrodisiacs. When the diet is light and non-arousing then it can be reduced in frequency and quantity
  2. Hero One

    Hero One Fapstronaut

    Very good! Keep at it, brother. You're definitely inspiring me to improve all aspects of myself. It's all part of the same thing really... PMO... self discipline... maintaining purity...

    Just remember, when it gets difficult, it's because it's doing you good. Keep us updated.
  3. Siloam Levi

    Siloam Levi Banned

    Thanks Hero One.

    "O Lord, teach us the way to crucify the world, that it may not crucify us, so that we are destroyed and lose our lives."
    - The Gnostic Book of IEOU

    I have thought long and hard about the question of diet and chastity, and this is when and where it gets particularly tough. Some people can eat anything and achieve their NoFap goal, whereas others can't stop PMO no matter how pure or restricted their diet is. Possibly the best methodology is to take vegetarian diet when single, and meat diet when married; small quantities of meat, fish, cereals and unfermented grape juice (instead of wine) in the context of marriage.

    Further projections for the practice of chastity and reclamation of purity:

    f) Prayer
    The Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary before bedtime

    g) Meditation
    Half an hour at dawn and at 10pm before going to sleep
  4. エロ闘争

    エロ闘争 Fapstronaut

    Wow, you sir must have discipline of steel if you want to replace popular music and entertainment with classical stuff! That sounds very difficult!

    But it's interesting because when I started watching music videos, they actually started taking a lot of time from my life. They have so many cool effects that just pulls you in... I wouldn't say it's as powerful as porn, but I definitely have lost a lot of productivity to them. I fear that if I were to cut off all these stimulating things cold-turkey, I would start cutting myself or something to compensate.

    However there's absolutely no way I can just quit everything. I'm hardly making it 3 days without porn, and my brain has been rationalizing why porn is okay, all day!! But I hope I can do whatever it takes to be able to make myself overcome my brain's cravings for quick stimulation and instead choose productive tasks.

    But, you've thought of everything! Diet, exercise, sleep, hygiene, culture... I will be impressed if you pull it off. I guess it makes sense, because if you feel well-rested, clean, and healthy, it probably has a psychological effect of... Making you feel awesome! I'm just trying to isolate individual problems (like cutting myself obviously). But maybe there isn't one scapegoat. It's easy to blame issues on one problem. You seem to be going for a total psychological makeover. I'm not sure complete abstinence would help with relationships though, because if you're horny all the time from not masturbating wouldn't you be more likely to cheat? Of course I'm only 3 days in and I've edged already and I'm a virgin so I have no idea, haha! Just be careful when your brain starts to rationalize things to get its fix, that's when the true fight starts!

    Anyways, good luck on your NoFap quest, or in this case, your TotalLifeMakeover quest!
  5. Nate007

    Nate007 Fapstronaut

    good luck, when you have lived like this for many years you will be a much different and better person, you will probably live longer to.
  6. Point "c" is silly. A lot of heavy metal is derived from Baroque music. And the sub-genre I personally am into uses just as many classical, jazz, and other musically rigorous material as anything "choral".
  7. Nevafapagain

    Nevafapagain Fapstronaut

    Yo man love the self discipline and I think it's great and I don't want to knock on anything you are trying to do but be careful with that sleeping pattern. I started sleeping like that and I started to have seizures and now I am epileptic (consistently having seizures). You have to make sure you are being realistic with yourself and not living up in the clouds, I'm a lot like you. I don't want you to learn the hard way and wake up on the bathroom floor confused with scratches on your face.
  8. Malik Jaffar

    Malik Jaffar Fapstronaut

    May God help you achieve your goals my friend. What you are doing is very benevolent.
  9. Hiroki

    Hiroki Fapstronaut

    Perhaps it's not so much the type of music, but the attitude it puts them in when they listen to the certain type of music. If it is a mindless indulgence for them, regardless of how technical or refined the metal may be, then I can see how it would be beneficial for them to switch to a genre that they may find themselves being more mindful while listening to. Again it does not matter what genres we are talking about, it is how it affects the individual.

    I find folk/viking metal very uplifting and inspiring, and some metalcore I listen to is downright philosophical and more inspiring than some self help books I've read.

    I think I need to stop listening to electro house. Now it's not that the genre is bad, but I can see how easily it could sway me and cause me to start craving casual flings with women, virtual or real. Once that door gets opened, any self discipline for nofap goes out the window.
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  10. MelancholyWeightlifter

    MelancholyWeightlifter Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Awesome goals! That's a very interesting point about diet. Though I would maybe caution against such a small amount of water. Very low calorie diets definitely have merit but only a cup of water a day is extreme. Just my two cents, as prophets were often given superhuman abilities by God.
  11. Siloam Levi

    Siloam Levi Banned

    ^ It's all extreme. In fact, I don't think anyone could progress to this kind of self-discipline in one day or even a week without a high degree of inspiration and spiritual drive.

    Regarding heavy metal, I just found it necessary to cut out bands like Cultes des Ghoules and Satanic Warmaster as they are a bit incongruous with the Christian side of things. As Hiroki indicated, they affect your state of mind, often in a very subtle way. Please feel welcome to disagree - I must stress that I wrote this for me and no one else, and if it helps others that is good but if it does not help then the last thing I want is for it to hinder other people. Taking on too much at once is no good for anyone.

    ALL OF THIS should be taken up gradually, if at all, and my hope is that I can hammer away at each principle day by day until I get the program into shape. My fuel, as it were, is my love for my friend MG and desire to get back on good terms with her. It often helps to have someone in your life to dedicate things to.

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