Privacy and You: Remember to be mindful of your privacy while using NoFap

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    If you want to maintain a separate "rebooting identity," you have to be careful to not reveal personally-identifiable information about yourself while discussing rebooting.

    There is only so much that NoFap can do, much of your internet privacy is up to you.

    Choose a username unique to NoFap. If you made a mistake and chose a username that you use on other websites or for whatever reason chose to use your full name, you may change your NoFap username here:

    Do not reveal information about yourself that can be used to identify you. Location. Job. Social media profiles. Family members. Schools. External projects. Photos.

    Do not click external links. Do not download files sent to you. Do not connect with people outside of using the NoFap private messaging system. Do not trust internet strangers too quickly or easily. We've had a number of people tell us that they've been threatened with "doxxing" by their accountability partners. You can be accountable and anonymous at the same time.

    Understand that search engines, internet marketers, rebooting / porn addiction websites, etc, can scrape content and potentially republish it in various ways. While it is against the terms of service of NoFap to scrape content, some people will do it anyway, potentially immortalizing what you write onto their website too, so that it remains after you delete it here. There is usually nothing that we can do about it - so be sure to exclude personal information that you aren't comfortable sharing.

    You could always change your username, delete your posts, and delete your account. If a search engine indexes your username at NoFap and you either delete your account or change your username, it may take a period of time for the search engine to refresh its search results. Don't contact us about search engines listing your information - we don't have control over the search engine refresh time. Just wait it out and the problem should resolve itself the next time that the search engine indexes the site. If a search engine isn't refreshing their results after some time, you'll need to contact them directly, which might or might not be responded to.
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