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    As with most debates, don't forget to try to see the other side. It's difficult, but therein lies the democratic choice. I accept that, even though I want my way all the time.
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    Hello, Castille.
    Obviously, love and gentleness are seen as dangerous by some now, just like approximately 2000 years ago.
    This is exactly what the one you call Jesus faced in his days. He attacked no one, he heald many. "What a dangerous philosophy" - they said.
    I agree with your point about the unknown future.
    You are not in danger. Another person who doesn't think the way you do, is not a threat to you.
    Every single action you have ever performed, you did for one reason - somewhere along the line, you expected it to result in you feeling better. You can only feel better now. There is only now.
  3. Jesus never said that if something doesn't "feel" like love, then it can't be love. So... stop pretending to teach me about the life of Jesus when you're saying things he never said, and implying he would be in favor of murdering babies in the womb.

    Also, while you're at it, maybe also stop making assumptions about my reasons for making decisions in life. You literally know nothing about me.

    And no, there is definitely not "only now." That's complete nonsense.
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    Ha! That's the @Castielle we know. You were great at clarifying a position.

    There are such people as "abortionists" who perform abortions and probably know it is wrong; there are feminists pushing an agenda under a supposed flag of anti-patriarchy; and there are the rest of us not in power.

    Thinking out loud here... One area we often discuss is thought and philosophy, and entirely another is what we'd actually do. Internet trolls calling someone a Nazi wouldn't actually help go to physical war against the non-evils of mere forum disagreers -- what we really do in life is a truer matter than what we post online.

    So, expounding prior logic applied... Certainly it's not my place to picket in front of a clinic and shame women seeking help with things that might not even include harm to a child. It's not really the place of nonbelievers to denounce religion as archaic and flawed because of modern ideas about human rights to family planning under government insurance. I don't understand all those and more motivations and manipulations. But I do know something about right and wrong, by the grace of God only. My fear is that when so many abandon faith, are afraid to 'indoctrinate' children with a sense of their true underobserved faith, that the societies world are now becoming adrift and amoral. Of course, repentance is available to all, and many personal experiences with drifting across the lines of sin have created miraculous conversion stories. (Such as my own.)
  5. You know what's crazy is even they are so deceived and blinded that they actually think they're doing good and helping people. At least some of them.

    If you're interested, you should look up Abby Johnson's testimony on YouTube, and also Doctor Levitino. The doctor's case was especially interesting to hear about how he blinded himself while performing abortions, to the point that he didn't even see what he was doing as wrong. It's crazy to hear the testimony of people who used to be abortionists coming to the knowledge that what they are doing is wrong.

    That's part of what makes me so sad about all of this, because even the people performing the abortions are victims of Satan's deception and the left's indoctrination and lies. They believed the lie that "it's not really a baby" until one day they realized how crazy that is. And now they have to live the rest of their lives knowing that they've murdered so many children.

    It also scares me how firm so many pro-choice people are in their beliefs, because that's going to make it a hell of a lot harder for them to ever see the truth and change their minds. Even if they do see the truth and start to realize they might be wrong, it would take so much humility and courage to stand up in front of all your pro-choice friends, after rallying with them so hard for that "cause," and say "I was wrong." The harder you preach about something, the harder it will be to admit that what you've been preaching is false. And nowadays it's as if a vast majority of people are activists. They don't just have a belief, they're fighting for it HARD.
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  6. It's also crazy to watch videos like Ray Comfort's street conversations about abortion, where he will ask someone if they are pro-choice, they will say 100% yes, and then he explains to them what abortion actually is, and they're horrified and immediately recognize how wrong that is. Like how did that person get to the point of advocating for abortion without even knowing what it is?? I think the answer is that being pro-choice has become the norm, the default. It goes against the grain to be pro-life, it seems. So that's just what they grow up learning, that pro-life people are just bad people who want to oppress women, and if you don't want to oppress women, then you have to be pro-choice.
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    180 movie! Literally, some opinions flip 180° :)

    The 'default' is an interesting idea. @letter mentions viewing the masses as moderate. My ideal is more like rise up and be awake, so I can't identify with either state, personally. But, Jesus does continually refer to the flock as sheep, right?
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    No not really, I don't think a good Christian can be what they call prochoice. Being prochoice means you support the right to an abortion in most cases, which means you value a women's perceived liberty to be irresponsible over a baby's life (or should I say soul). I think you can be a Christian and be prolife with exceptions (rape, health reasons), although this is a grey area of much debate amongst Christians. But abortions for convenience (99% probably more) are totally something a Christian shouldn't support.
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    Abortion is the most extreme sin, 'thou shalt not kill'. Also, a child is born of no sin bar the original sin so it makes it that much worse.
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