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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Dov, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Dov

    Dov Fapstronaut

    Hey ive been trying to reboot for months now.
    my biggest success was 14 days.

    I call those who came over the 90 days period of nofap for advice:
    what went through your mind in the toughest times?
    say, a whole week going shit, last minutes rejections and blue balls?
    how do you deal with boredom? (we all have some, don't bullshit me)
    how do you deal with alcohol?

    Im asking mainly about what goes through your mind when your brain is already calling you for PMO, but feel free to just share any helpful thought.

  2. Steve Sancteria

    Steve Sancteria Fapstronaut

    Belief it or not but I went 2 months with not a single urge at all and had streaks that only lasted 6 days after that cause I had daylie urges beating the shit out of me.
    Something that kept me away from urges for a time as long as 2 months was defining tasks for the day and keep focusing them, keeping me moving.

    During thoughest times, my mind was throwing the most excellent excuses on me which made sense in that moment. The problem is when you get heaviely urged is, that your mind shifts in a state where it says "it actually would be fine if I would relapse". I simply try to be honest with you. You need habits that wether keep urges away or kill it in the moment when it appears, but then you really have to take action.

    Going these 2 months urge free was so simple, going 10 days with daylie heavy urges was like the craziest thing I've ever went through.

    I deal boredom but realizing that I am bored, then I check what I can do to get things done for the day, maybe changing the task if I did something boring (for example I've organized some samples for music production which was boring as hell after 6 hours, urges love their prey when it is bored af).

    My new secret weapon is the classic cold shower, after 3 weeks of daylie cold showers, I can now just jump right into 10 degree cold water without giving a damn, when I feel bored, for me it's rather a feel of dizzyness or unawareness, then I hop into a 2nd or 3rd cold shower to get fresh back for the day.

    One great mindset tho during the moment when urges hit is to take it as an exercise, you have to invest willpower to withstand the urges, it'S like pushing weights, causing your muscles to grow. This way you are aware that it is though, but you are aware that it'll be over after a certain time.
    If you do that stupid mistake (like me) and don't take immediate action to completely kill the urge instead of pushing it away for some secconds cause you wanna keep work on this or that, then the urge comes back for round 2 with better weapons.
  3. JakeO5

    JakeO5 Fapstronaut

    . Okay i have never gone 90 days but I had a few streaks in the 20s and 10s, but what really helped me during those long streaks was not exercising and cold showers or getting serious like everyone say, but just being lazy, watch TV / movies, play video games, eat junk food, buy awesome stuff for yourself, just don't drink or do drugs, have fun but don't PMO, for at least the first 20 days, then you can "get serious" after that, i bought the whole series of Friends and How i Met your Mother a month ago and I'm on day 16 now, my daily routine is : wake up, take a hot shower, eat chocolate serial, go to work, during lunch time I will order a burger, go home order a pizza, play Grand Theft Auto, go to bed and then watch Friends or Himym till i go to sleep, is that a healthy lifestyle??? Hellll No, but atleast I'm not PMOing
  4. Dov

    Dov Fapstronaut

    I can relate to some of this.
    I dont like the idea of embracing an unhealthy lifestyle, that's not the smart thing to do.
    However Nofap streaks from my experience that start with a magnificent changes instead of focusing on the abstinence from PMO usually end the same way they started and it just a matter of time.

    I do embrace some healthy changes (stopped smoking again the same time for ex) but the main focus here is PMO, i just wanna get that 90 day reboot for once.
  5. Unflinching

    Unflinching Fapstronaut


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