Problem in digestive system due to over masturbation

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  1. mihir

    mihir New Fapstronaut

    I have been masturbating since I was of 11-12 years old. I started it for fun after seeing an ad on the local newspaper which claimed to be a D enhancer. I thought let me try rubbing my Pvt. Part as an experimental process copying to the Ad.

    For a boy of 11 years it was not less than an invention to get the pleasure after every M. I was slowly falling into a trap without my knowledge and since all your classmates would hesitate to accept the fact that they are masturbating and hence it became unclear about the Pros/cons of the M process. It was the time when the technology was in a transition period and from Hot pics of the actress printed on the newspaper I switched into the Television and then to the internet.

    I used to stand first in the class as I was not so active socially and studying alone for the whole period thanks to the regular M'ing. Whenever I would feel low or stressed I would find an excuse for the sin as you must have had. Never have I ever dared to go and confess before someone that gradually I have become an addict and this has put a negative impact on my whole body both from outside and inside. Although I was feeling low most of the time and knew that it was because of the addiction I never held the same responsible until it damaged me totally.

    While most of the time I was feeling lethargic and unwilling to do any task, things started taking worse turns. Sometimes my brain would freeze. The problem with constipation was also not going at all. No facial hair was growing while there was a clear sign of gynecomastia (male boobs) had developed. Acnes were all around the body. My back was also totally covered with acnes. Got backache also.☹️
    Oneday I felt pain in my D and found that right side of it got swollen at one part which was may be due to excessive rubbing or pressing hard. Complete bloating and nausea was also there. Still it couldn't prevent me from M as I was mad after the Dopamine rush in exchange of the loss of both my physical & mental health.

    And out of a sudden in the early 2017 one day I was feeling like my stomach will burst as it got filled up with Gas. I couldn't stabilize myself and was lying on the bed holding my belly with incessant pain and felt like I won't survive this pain ever. I was taken to a doctor and after hearing me he thought it's a typical case of gas formation and prescribed some medications with some basic advices like avoiding junk foods and alcohols, cigarettes etc.

    I thought the pain would go away after sometime as it could be due to some overeating or may be food poisioning. But to my surprise it is still accompanying me for the last 4 years and I can't even imagine where it will take me to. After being diagnosed with the problem I went to may gastroenterologist but to vein. All of them got me tested with endoscopy and nothing was detected. I always thought that it may be due to my bad lifestyle and like always I never blamed my bad habit of M and continued the M'ing more each time I felt the pain inside my stomach. The situation was getting worsen and the thoughts of killing my owns used to arouse.

    Oneday I found an YouTube channel where it was described in detail about the cause of the stomach problems which was PMO. I was surprised to see a lot of people were there of my kind. Finally I realised that what treatment I have been giving to myself without thinking about the repercussions. Now the recovery phase started. I tried to abstain myself from all the bad habits.Say it the M'ing or the Alcohol or smoking or Nonveg. Things started to getting better and I could recover to a lot extent.

    Till now I had completed my graduation but was jobless and still was not concerned about my future. But after giving up with the addictions ,I started focusing more on my goals and studies and cracked a Govt. Job within 6 months.
    It was my bad luck that I was going back to the point where I started. The pain was not going away and I was still abusing myself for a pleasure of 5 seconds.

    It's been 3 years and a lot of development has been identified by me inside. Although I was having a GF,I couldn't be more involved in the relationship. Now we have been more into it and I am not seeing her/or any other girl as an objective. I am optimistic about the further improvements in the body & soul .

    Still I am more concerned about my gut health. If anyone please help I am looking forward to your advices.

    Thank you for being patient to read the all details. Nevertheless a lot of part in my journey is to be told. I may write some new journal in the coming days. Thanks again
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  2. Freebliss

    Freebliss Fapstronaut

    I also have digestion issues which could be traced back to when my PMO addiction started. I’ve been told I have gerd. I’ve had it for 12 years and prior to that I never had this problem. Idk I’d be happy if this problem for me also was cured when I stop PMO and MO for good.

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